Fortunately I have had website Admin and Mod experience, (limited) article and blogging writing, and a small business in the past to help get me jump started. I am currently researching website design/hosting and the marketing models for web based business creation and growth.

It will take some time in understanding everything. Researching these things online is about getting past the hub of useless information presented by certain sites and blogs that simply throw a good word for the companies who are sponsoring their website. So I am throwing a creative mix of search engine terms to bypass that lol. I find developer forums especially helpful.

I don't know Ang, ever since my gallstone pancreatitis in May and being out of work until the end of July (my surgery is this Friday to get gallbladder out) I have decided I want more income possibilities and definitely to have more fun with it all. I can become successful, I just have to learn and relearn what works and what doesn't, along with becoming more business minded. That is the big one!

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