We’ve all heard of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the list that included the Sphinx and Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. More recently, a worldwide effort named the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. But how about the 7 Wonders of the Luxury World? What are the most luxurious places you have been? You can define luxury any way you like – this is your game. I define it according to things I like best, as you can see from the variety of luxuries I have written about. Luxury doesn’t need to be over the top; sometimes the simple pleasures are the most luxurious of all – a hammock under a tree on a perfect beach, or a farmhouse meal of locally-grown foods, a jeep trip through a tropical forest, or a picnic overlooking an alpine view. For some ideas of the kinds of luxuries that really count, take a look at some of the past articles at BellaOnline’s Luxury Travel site (see list at left, under Travel & Leisure). Some possible categories are hotels, dining, tours, spas, safari camps, flights and travel experiences. Maybe you haven’t done these yourself, but a friend has told you about her best vacation ever. Let’s hear about them. If you can’t think of seven, then add just one to our list!

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