Hi Gene :) The Great Barrier Reef is definitely on my to do list as far as things to see in Oz. With the rate of it's demise I am guessing the we really shouldn't leave it too long to visit, although probably once our kiddies are a bit older :) The Sydney Opera House is definitely an extremely unique building, and certainly makes for a great photo!! There are some absolutely beautiful landmarks and beaches to see in Sydney. Of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi beach and also the other amazing beaches such as Coogee and Maroubra Beaches are just breathtakingly beautiful. Not far from Sydney a drive through the Blue Mountains region is just lovely, surrounded by green lush nature.... I have travelled most of the east coast of Australia and in fact live on the east coast. Australia has some of the most amazing beaches in the world without a doubt. Another town to visit is Byron Bay, the bluest water I have ever seen and a lovely laid back alternative lifestyle vibe. Melbourne has a gorgeous vibe and is full of great shopping and things to do, definitely a city we will return to one day. Adelaide took my breath away from the moment we drove into the city. We were greeted by Black Swans in the middle of the road lazing about on a grassed area and buildings full of heritage and culture..... Uluru.... well I just simply can't explain it, but the intensely powerful feeling that rushes through you when you are there is just, well you have to experience it first hand.... Darwin.. is a lively place full of holiday makers annd asian influenced culture... lots of things to do with the kids, almost a week there and we could have stayed much longer.... Kakadu....... OMG I simply can't wait to return there. You can literally feel the spirit of the land as you stand in awe of the aboriginal rock art and the amazing landscape that surrounds you.... wow there's so much more, our goals in the next couple of years are to visit Western Australia and Tasmania, the only 2 states we haven't been to yet and explore some of the other places we have visited but want to experience in more depth. I am actually quite proud of the vast amount of land we've travelled in Australia and if I had my way I would live on the road and just soak up the beauty of our country day in, day out!!!