I have a lot of names I like, but would never use because there are sooo many of them already. I tried to give my children names that were not used to death, kind of wanted them to be the only one in their class.

I also tried to give them a name with a song, I know it sounds silly, but I liked the idea.

Ultimately it is the parents choice and you can't imagine what will be popular 20 years later, so you just have to go with your gut. My daughter hates her name, but I still love it as much as the day I gave it to her and her consolation is she gets to pick her childrens' names.

Even if you pick a name that you think goes with your last name, a girl will probably change her name, anyway, and who knows at the time of birth what name she will marry into.

All that being said, I would certainly try to avoid a name that you can reasonably assume will cause the child humiliation on the playground.

What I have always hated is the public changing your child's name, such as Daniel to Danny and Thomas to Tommy. I am the mother of a Daniel, always has been Daniel, but his teachers thought it was perfectly acceptable to refer to him as Danny, even to me! He never even called himself Danny, but everyone else thought it was OK to call him that.

So I guess, you give it your best shot and hope the world is kind to them.