I recently signed up as a consultant for Stuffed With Fluff, which sells kits and clothing to make your own stuffed animals and dolls, as well as party packages for people who want to do a bear-making (or other animal) birthday party. Everyone who sees the animals wants one, they are so cute! I was even the top selling consultant for April! Unfortunately, all the kids in my life are college age now, because I think if I had school age kids, these would literally sell themselves. (Not that the college age kids don't appreciate them, but it's not the same level of enthusiasm they would have shown when they were younger!)

At any rate - there is no cost to sign up and consultants get a nice discount that can be used to buy stock or items for your own use (gifts for your kids to take for friend's birthdays...) Stuffed with Fluff is just starting up, but it's really a no-risk opportunity! It's not perfect, nothing is, but I'm really happy with it and they are working on improvements to make it better for all of us - I only wish I'd had this opportunity when my kids were younger!

If you sign up, I'd appreciate it if you'd put me down (Julie rep #58) as having referred you. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. I really do believe this would be a wonderful, easy opportunity if you have elementary or middle school age kids - it's pretty good even if you don't, frankly!


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