My betta is sick and I'm not sure what to do about it. He had fin rot and the pet store recommended something called Betta Revive, which turned his whole tank the colour of blue kool aid. He didn't really like it when I put it in, and within half an hour he'd gotten much worse. He sits down at the bottom and only comes up a few times for air. He's barely eaten anything. Before the Betta Revive, when he just had fin rot, he looked pretty bad but seemed happy enough. I've stopped giving him the Betta Revive and changed half the water in his tank, but he's still lying face down in the gravel barely able to move. It's possible that I gave him too much medicine (my tank is larger than the ones they gave measurments for on the package and I might have messed up the math). The top 2 ingredients are neomycin sulfate (10%) and methylene blue (<0.5%). Is there anything I can do to help him? He's only getting worse.