Sometimes it just comes to me and I have to put down whatever I am doing at that moment and just write. I get a lot of ideas as I am falling asleep so I keep paper and a pen by the bed - I also put down all those things you think about before bed that keep you from falling asleep!

Lately I haven't had the time to do much of anything except deal with the family, house and pets. My husband is working the night shift so I have to get the kids out of the house in the morning. I've been taking them to the playground almost daily and I take a tablet and pen with me. The older girls play, the baby sits in her stroller or plays in the grass (or eats the grass), and I get a few minutes to force myself to write - or at the very least come up with an article idea or two.

I'm working on a book right now, a collection of cooperative learning experiences for kids - I am WAYYY behind so I have to find time to force myself to do that.

I used to take every Wednesday from 4pm-10pm to write, my hubby would take the older girls out for a date. I can't wait until he is back on the day shift and graduates and he can start doing that again!


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