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#390047 - 03/09/08 02:23 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: shootingstar123]
kyst Offline

Registered: 03/09/08
Posts: 4
Loc: nj
i remember years ago when we were young my sister was obsessed with this thing....she used to hide in her room and use it...if anyone came in and intterupted she would just look up witht his evil look and say get out...scared me...eventualy dad tossed it and had the house blessed by a priest...

#390056 - 03/09/08 02:57 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: kyst]
Robin Crime Editor Offline

Registered: 01/30/08
Posts: 647
I have given talks on ghosts and hauntings. One thing I tell people is that I will NEVER suggest using a Ouija board....then I tell them why...You don't know what you're doing - you do not know what kind of doorway or gate you are opening.

People who "want" or "need" to reach people on the other side are so vulnerable....

AND...I do not think they should be sold in the toy department at Wal-Mart or K-Mart....

#390193 - 03/09/08 09:10 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Robin Crime Editor]
Chelle - Marriage Editor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 09/03/05
Posts: 7186
Loc: Lake Lanier, Georgia
I've always believed that people have latent psychic abilities, some are just able to tap into them for one reason or another; just like some people have a talent for music or art, etc.

Ouija boards scare me, because I belive, for some reason, they allow people access to those abilities that they have no control over. Kind of like giving car keys to a 5 yr old and saying "ok - go!"

I don't know why a piece of cardboard should be able to do this; maybe because the person really believes in it in the subconcious part of their mind (which is the really powerful part anyway).

But it is definitely more than just a "toy".
Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor

#393532 - 03/15/08 08:27 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Chelle - Marriage Editor]
Ambient Night Offline

Registered: 03/15/08
Posts: 49
Loc: Minnesota
To start whoever came up with the idea of selling Ouija boards to the general public should be shot. You should never go to the board unbalanced (even number of males to females) or with any form of negative emotion. It opens a channel in yourself to talk to things around you that have been long forgotten about not just ghosts. Many of these entities are upset at being ignored for such a period of time that they will act up. Also a proper cleansing should be done on the board... all individuals at the board... and the location that the board is being used at both before and after. There are many forms of sensory communications out there other then the board but none as easy to use as the board and that is the problem. Everyone is born with a collective conscious even though few are aware of it. It's the reason that you get a strange feeling about the person down the street. Also the reason some people are able to walk threw a crowded sidewalk or hall with their nose stuffed in a book but never bump into a single individual. I have used the boards before but only with my grandfather who knew how to properly use the board. Unfortunately the same effect can be achieved with a empty glass and drawing the alphabet in a circle on the ground...
With love and hope for tomorrow

#393729 - 03/16/08 10:47 AM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Ambient Night]
Chelle - Marriage Editor Offline
BellaOnline Editor

Registered: 09/03/05
Posts: 7186
Loc: Lake Lanier, Georgia
Originally Posted By: Ambient Night
Unfortunately the same effect can be achieved with a empty glass and drawing the alphabet in a circle on the ground...

Although, probably, the people that know this - would also know the other precautions to take as well.
Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor

#394745 - 03/17/08 10:46 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Chelle - Marriage Editor]
Ambient Night Offline

Registered: 03/15/08
Posts: 49
Loc: Minnesota
Most likely... just with more people who knew the precautions would actually take them.
With love and hope for tomorrow

#395186 - 03/18/08 08:00 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Ambient Night]
Lady J Offline

Registered: 11/02/04
Posts: 4607
Loc: West Central IL (USA)
I do not mess with the board! It's a NO NO NO NO NO NO in my opinion ;0)

I messed with one as a teenager back stage at a musical and had a horrible experience.

I have always had some psychic abilities and this use of the board brought out more powerful ones that I never should have been exposed to without some help. I ended up in the hospital along with the other person who was using the board with me. I shoudl have known not to do it when the previous week we had done a seance (sp) during dress rehersal and some scary stuff happen.

This should never have been sold as a toy and should not be sold as one now.
J. Ruel - Gay Lesbian News Editor

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#397427 - 03/23/08 06:48 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Lady J]
freespirit Offline

Registered: 05/08/07
Posts: 2142
Yeah I didnt realize they still sold the board in stores untill I went to walmart the other day and went down the toy isle just to get away from the crowd of people trying to run me down and I thought I would see what kind of games they had and started to get this panic feeling and I looked up and say the board right there at eye level! I couldnt believe it!!! right here in the middle of the bible belt where you cant get a book on wicca, pagan or buddha you can get a board to contact spirits or whatever is out there in the toy isle! GREAT!!! so now we will have all this kids playing with the board like a toy and they wonder why kids go nuts? mmmm.......... Gee I wonder why!!!
Alan Bennett: Life is like a tin of sardines; we're all looking for the key.
Albert Einstein: True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness.

#408122 - 04/17/08 06:33 AM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: Jaide - Paranormal Editor]
k2y Offline

Registered: 03/17/08
Posts: 161
I used a Ouija Board a lot when I was younger and had some pretty crazy experiences with it. I certainly wouldn't consider it to be a toy nor would I recommend it.

#423696 - 06/04/08 10:16 PM Re: The Ouija Board [Re: k2y]
Tianna Offline

Registered: 05/02/08
Posts: 10
Loc: Austin, TX
I'm not advising that people go out and buy a Ouija board, but I do want to share my experience which is from the opposite spectrum of what has been posted so far.

I bought a Ouija board after reading one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. If you aren't familiar with her, she is a very well-respected channeler from the 60s. The entity she channeled, Seth, was wise, funny and brilliant. I wanted to channel and receive such wonderful guidance for my own life. Jane first got in touch with Seth via the Ouija board, so I figured that would be the best way for me to start.

From the start, I always set my intention that I only wanted to reach a spiritual guide of the light for my highest good. At first the board just moved in jibberish. After a few tries, it began to spell out words. The spirits I first spoke to just seemed to be dead people, not spiritually advanced and not connected to me. For some reason, I kept trying and one day I got a spirit who said she was from my boyfriend's soul group. She loved him very much and had very good advice on a work situation he was having difficulty with.

She introduced me to another spirit who said he was from my soul group. He had wonderful advice and insight into my life. He told me that I had to learn to meditate and build up my energetic "muscles", that using the Ouija board was like me picking up a 100 pound weight with my skinny arms.

At that time I was pretty impatient to practice meditation. I refused and they told me that we wouldn't be able to communicate anymore unless I started meditating. After that when I tried to use the board, nothing would happen. I felt so sad to lose the connection so I finally started meditating. After meditating regularly for awhile, one day I just started channeling.

I guess the conclusion to my long story is that the Ouija board is a tool to open the psychic channel. We are all energy and whatever we vibrate to we will attract. Because most of us are not aware of what we're carrying around energetically, especially fear, it's best not to use the Ouija board. We can develop the ability to connect psychically the safe and natural way - through meditation and spiritual development.
http://www.awakeningtransformation.com - Healing and Empowering with Hypnosis, Reiki & Reiki Training

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