Do you have ideas that would translate well to 'apps' for iPhones for families of children with disabilities?

Two of the top selling books are iPhone Application Development For Dummies(scowl), by Neal Goldstein and iPhone: The Missing Manual: Covers the iPhone 3G, by David Pogue (browse at your local bookstore, public library or online retailer for more info).

Terri Mauro reports that the parents of a child with autism have developed an iPhone application for scheduling called iPrompts:

I saw an app this week that seems to have really terrific possibilities for families of children with special needs. If you have your child on a picture schedule, and have previously had to tote around notebooks or Velcro-coated scraps of paper to make it work, check this out: iPrompts, an app designed by the family of a child with autism, puts those schedules on your iPhone or iPod Touch, along with a visual countdown timer, choice prompts, and a library of images to use.
You can buy it from the iTunes store for $74.99.
On the HandHeld Adaptive site, you can view an video tutorial of how iPrompts works. (Terri provides links in her article).
If you've tried it, report back in the comments. And if you haven't, dream with me about what wild new tools we'd really like to see. Maybe the iPrompts folks can work on that Social Speech Translator next.

If you are checking out iPhone programming books and accessories via the links above, go ahead and look at the 3G 16 GB diamond encrusted iPhone, too - what in the world are people thinking? (OK, I was also mildly disappointed it wasn't outrageously gaudy)...

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iPhone and iPod Apps for Childhood Disabilities

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