Hi everyone!

The next time you are at the grocery store in the near future, you may notice a new label on some of the food items. It's called a Smart Choices label, and it will tell how many calories are in each serving, and how many servings are in each package.

The labels will appear on the front of the food package, making it easier and a lot faster to determine if you want to purchase the item.

I think this will be a nice change, as there's nothing worse than seeing something that says "Low fat" only to turn the package over and see that it has a zillion calories!

This got me thinking to restaurants. While many of them have their nutrional information on their website, I've seen very few that have it (or advertise it) at the actual restaurant.

I believe Applebees has nutritional information for some of their items listed directly on their menu.

Do you know of any restaurants that have their nutritional information up front? And, do you think the new labels on food products will help you in your grocery shoppping?


Brandii Lacey, Adoption Editor

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