Posted By: Modern Woman Cosmtics and skin? - 01/30/07 12:13 PM
Are cosmetic the major cause of skin problems? do those who use no cosmetics have less skin problems?
Posted By: CC - Cosmetics Host Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 01/30/07 06:01 PM
The answer to that is yes and no.

If you wear cosmetics and you do not remove them entirely or properly then yes, you will eventually end up with some kind of a skin problem...but keep in mind, it is not the fault of the cosmetics

And no because genetics plays a huge role in our skin type and skin problems
Posted By: Modern Woman Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 01/31/07 05:55 AM
most of the cosmetics cause reactions with skin even otherwise?
Sometimes the reactio may be very insignificant though.
Posted By: Jirada Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 03/02/07 06:50 PM
You should try to use natural cosmetic. Especially - rose water /from Bulgarian damask rose/
Posted By: Modern Woman Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 03/03/07 10:54 AM
Is rose water a cosmetic?
Posted By: sallyann2007 Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 03/30/07 09:50 PM
I am not sure anyone can answer if cosmetics are the biggest cause of skin problems. Maybe you should apply for a grant to discover the answer.
Posted By: Modern Woman Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 03/31/07 05:40 AM
We have women in India who use no cosmetics whatsoever and have no issues with skin.
Posted By: dewdrop67 Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 04/04/07 08:36 PM
Hmmm,I've wondered that myself. I have had less skin problems since I have switched to mineral cosmetics but I still do not have the skin that I desire. I have oily skin so products that aren't made for oily skin definitely cause problems for my skin. I completely agree that genetics does play a role in your skin as well as your diet.
Posted By: alienmaria2 Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 04/08/07 12:37 PM
I believe a good skin is maintained by drinking plenty
of water every day.
Do not use much soap on your face and splash your face
with water every day and let it 'drip dry'.
Posted By: browwn Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 05/01/07 08:38 AM
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Posted By: precioushh Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 05/03/07 05:39 PM
Cosmetics is only one of the many things that can affect your skin. Maintaining a healthy diet is key. Drinking plenty of water and staying away from greasy foods does wonders. There are many cosmetics out there that are more natural and less abrasive to the skin. Also have good face cleaning habits is a good idea. Always wash you make up off at night, with a mild face cleaner, and moisturize. Plus don't forget your sunscreen!!
Posted By: BellaMia Re: Cosmtics and skin? - 05/03/07 06:41 PM
I actually know some people who never properly take off any of their make-up and their skin is and has been fo ra while, immaculate. And I know people who have taken exquisite care of their skin and wash it porperly twice a day and their skin doesn't look so great. I think it is more genetic than anything.
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