Posted By: ExerciseEditor What makeup trend is hot right now? - 08/14/11 03:30 PM
I've seen a lot of young girls and some celebrities sporting the racoon eyes trend and I'm wondering if this is in right now.

I find this look hideous and kind of slutty looking and so not appropriate for tweens either. My boyfriend's kid who's 12 is lining the hell out of her eyes and it looks awful on her.

Are there any other makeup trends that are hot right now that don't look so sleazy (Courtney love comes to mind here)?
Posted By: vibhasharma Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 09/20/11 12:52 PM
hey i apply eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss and follow the simple trends.. :)
Posted By: Dazzle Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 09/25/11 02:52 AM
Try to get his kid excited about the new fall trend- nude makeup. The nude look is never out of style and is back for fall 2011.
Posted By: Ishara Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 10/03/11 08:01 AM
I think the best mineral makeup is really a matter of personal choice.... There are so many different brands of mineral makeup that you can try.
Posted By: eranga Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 10/25/11 08:24 AM
cat or angled eyeliner. big on mascara and eyeliner on upper waterline but nothing on the bottom waterline.(just like the 50's). in some places weird color lipstick like purple and orange. (i saw this light baby blue lipstick by lime crime really cool if you can pull it off). color eyeliner is cool especially when used right. i believe that blue eyeshadow is still not in, there, but not in. golds, coppers, and summer tones. i believe that with the spring a lot of pink and coral. if your going out somewhere really fancy a shadow eye is really cool and you can do lots with it..and that is all i can think of!
Posted By: jodiemt Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 10/28/11 04:40 AM
I'm a fan of eyeliners. They can never go wrong on any girl/teen/woman ever. Apply them in a thin line or be generous and give more definition to your eyes with a thick black line.
Posted By: Alice456 Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 11/26/11 07:51 AM
It depends on the shape on eyes.
Posted By: kooperkin21 Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 01/06/12 03:07 AM
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Posted By: BRTCskincare Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 07/04/12 02:32 PM
For summer I think a more natural look is in. It's all about wearing makeup but making it seem like you aren't. To accomplish this look wear tinted lotions/creams in stead of heavy foundations or concealers and choose light coloured blush and lipstick (possibly in peach hue).
Posted By: Sarena Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 07/25/12 01:26 PM
just follow simple and your regular makeup.
Posted By: monica14 Re: What makeup trend is hot right now? - 08/18/12 01:31 AM
Yeah, I don't like applying too much or doing anything fancy. Actually I'm more of a natural girl..I think that look is going to come back. As long as you have good skin, of course, or don't mind a blemish or two (no one is perfect, right?) I use a prosonic facial brush every night, well almost every night, and make sure to avoid oily/break out foods. Maybe a little eye shadow when I'm feeling it.
Am seeing lots of rouge lip colors, futuristic glittery eye accents and timeless natural tones and indelible smoky shadows and liners done in fresh ways everywhere. It's best to apply make up that you're most comfortable in :) for more make up inspiration check out: a lot of how to's are readily available for you to experiment on :) have fun!
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