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Top Cosmetics brands - 03/17/11 11:40 AM

Any one tell me about the top cosmetic brands. I know many but i am not able to know the top cosmetic brand.
Posted By: Kim - Cosmetics

Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/17/11 10:37 PM

Good afternoon,

There are several different popular brands that depend on your price range.

Drug Store: L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Wet n Wild, Revlon, Neutrogena, Almay-those are some of the basic popular lines you would find at any store. These carry products priced lower but are often just as good as their expensive counterparts.

Consultants: There are personal consultants who sell for Mary Kay and Avon and several readers enjoy those makeup lines.

Makeup Counter/Sephora/Ulta: There are too many to name, but the most popular include Stila, Dior, Smashbox, Make Up For Ever, Chanel, Clinique, Benefit, Urban Decay, Tarte, Laura Mercier and Estee Lauderdale, off the top of my head.. these are more pricey.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/21/11 08:08 AM

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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/22/11 04:55 AM

I have Maybelline lipstick... looks good on me still now.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/23/11 09:05 AM

i cann't afford these top brand cosmetic./sad
Posted By: Kim - Cosmetics

Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/31/11 11:06 PM

Several cosmetics brands are inexpensive so you don't have to pay $20 for a tube of lipstick smile. You can check out this article for some great deals on makeup that is quality and popular without spending your whole paycheck on makeup! In fact, the article outlines products so you can buy everything you need for a basic everyday look for under $25. You can always check out drugstores--they often have clearances so you can find good products that are being discontinued for up to 75% off, as well as Buy One Get One Free. Often at outlet centers you may come across makeup outlets where brands such as MAC, Lancome and others are deeply discounted. You really don't need to spend a lot or use high end brands to look great, you just need to find the colors that work for you and you can buy them in any price range!
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 04/09/11 02:57 AM

Latulipe Mustika Ratu Also some herbal cosmetics
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 05/18/11 06:47 PM

Cover girl, Revlon and Max Factor these are the only brands i used because it is compatible to my type of skin...that is very important, you must know which product is suitable to your skin to avoid inconvenience and allergies.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 05/18/11 07:36 PM

Maybelline lip gloss is a must have! I'm allergic to talcum powder, so foundation isn't an option for me.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 05/25/11 03:31 AM

Estee Lauder, Clinique, LOreal, Neutrogena, Lancome, Maybelline, Mary Kay, Chanel.
These cosmetic brands i have used, but did not feel very good, also too expensive.

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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 09/24/13 07:13 PM

Make Up Forever, Smashbox, and Tarte are my favorites. Well worth the money for me. I also started using Dior masacara and it's amazing. Benefit and Urban Decay are good, too. I haven't liked any of the Stila products I've gotten.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 01/20/14 05:24 AM

Cosmetics brands is good and many types of brands are available in market and you can buy online shopping websites. because cosmetics brands are very useful and it is usable products for women and it is nice for looking differents.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 01/23/14 08:22 AM

Hello, I ain't use any of the cosmetic products but many of my friends (girls) use Lakme and Garnier products...
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/04/14 02:07 AM

This is very good post for new cosmetics brands because these type of brands are using your daily life and beauty and cosmetics products are useable many times .
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/17/14 01:15 AM

There are number of top cosmetics brands but i usually like using Maybelline products.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/17/14 01:44 AM

There are number of top cosmetics brands but i usually like using Maybelline products.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/24/14 07:28 AM

Olay, Avon, L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Nivea, Lancome, Dove, Estee Lauder, Biore and the 10th top brand is Shiseido. These are the top 10 best brands for cosmetics and most of them are US brands.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/25/14 06:12 AM

L'Oreal is a one of famous brand in cosmetic.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 02/26/14 04:26 AM

i like L'Oreal brand. its good
Posted By: JadeW

Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/18/14 07:15 AM

Some examples of the top brands I always prefer include MAC, Giorgio Armani cosmetics, Bobbi brown, Dermalogia and Redken hair products.
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/19/14 12:16 AM

Great choices, JadeW!
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 03/19/14 02:55 AM

[quote=Kimberly - Cosmetics]Great choices, JadeW! [/quote] Thank You. :)
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Re: Top Cosmetics brands - 07/07/14 07:10 PM

I know one have brand name Proderm Image(serach on any search engine).They offer most effective Cosmetics services at California.
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