Posted By: Angie Two cruises this year - 11/27/19 12:44 AM
My husband I flew to Sydney Australia in the spring. We were there for two days and then our cruise began. We made four stops in New Zealand, two in Tahiti (we were there on Easter Sunday, April 21), two in Hawaii, 1/2 day in Los Angeles, and then we arrived in Vancouver, Canada. It was a wonderful 30 day trip on the Golden Princess.

Our second cruise took us to Barcelona for two days when we boarded the Emerald Princess. We went to Cartagena, Malaga, Casablanca, Canary Islands, Azones. What a great way to travel across the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather was great on both trips. What lovely cities to visit; what wonderful people you meet.
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Two cruises this year - 12/01/19 09:51 PM
Wow, Angie, what great trips.

The closest I've ever been to the South Pacific is San Diego! But I have done Mediterranean cruises. Since I start in the UK, we didn't go across the Atlantic, and none of them involved a stop in north Africa. But some of the other stops are familiar - especially Barcelona. Finally took the family there - flew! - for a week a few years ago. What a fascinating and beautiful city. On my first visit to Sagrada Familia I had had my doubts, so much hype, but I was truly awed. It is a truly magnificent creation. Love all of Gaudi's buildings.
Posted By: Angie Re: Two cruises this year - 12/02/19 01:56 AM
Sagrada Famiia - it has been under construction for more than 100 years and they hope to complete it in 2026 on the anniversary of Gaudi's death. It is incredible. The Azones were beautiful.
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