Posted By: The Boss Read and Release - 07/03/02 10:30 PM
A terrific new site allows you to register your books and then release them into "the wild" for others to find, read, and pass along to others. has a very friendly site which allows you to register books or look for books in your area. You get an email notification when someone finds your book and makes a journal entry on the website. You can follow your book's journey through the world.
Posted By: Professor Harold Hill Re: Read and Release - 07/04/02 06:27 PM
Keep an eye out for books that I've recently released into the wild.
Posted By: pureheart Re: Read and Release - 07/06/02 03:46 AM
Oh, that is TOO COOL!!! Usually I donate mine to the library. We had a discussion a while back about people who have tens of thousands of books in their house in crates in the basement. I guess my theory is that I'd rather they were somewhere that others could enjoy, rather than in a "secret treasure hoard" that only I could get to. I really see books as incredibly valuable. So we do have books in the house - about five five-shelf bookcases full - but those are all my reference books mostly, and true classics. The other books I read I'll then donate away to the library. If I really want to read them again, I know where to find them <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

But it sounds really neat to be able to see who else enjoys them instead of just dropping them at a library to be part of the big sea of available books. I suppose it's like the old stamps they put in books to say when they were checked out. I loved getting books and looking to see how many times they'd been checked out before, and what the dates were <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I remember in high school I got hooked on Mary Stewart books, and for some reason the dates on them before mine were like 10 years in the past! I guess there weren't many Mary Stewart fans in my school <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: The Boss Re: Read and Release - 07/07/02 03:10 PM
We too have boxes and boxes of books. Some I've wanted to pass on to others, but not just dump them on the local thrift store. I have about a $75 credit at the local used book store.

I like this idea of being able to pass on books to others. The Athens, AL Quizno's Subs has a sign now announcing that they are an official drop off point. This makes it easier for those looking for books.

In the coming weeks I'm taking a couple of business trips and am looking forward to looking for books in other cities.
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