Posted By: Tikus Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/25/06 03:46 AM
Is anyone else getting that annoying pop up "Warning-Spyware Notice" advertisement?

I understand that maybe BellaOnline need funding to keep this and other sites up and running, but do you think we can ask them to change the Adv so it doesn't flash?
Can it be shut down my end?
Glad I'm not an epileptic.

Posted By: Edgeucation Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/25/06 06:24 AM
If you have Windows Service Pack 2, make sure your firewall is on. If not...Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy should take care of that for you. Both are free If you are willing to pay a little money for it. Zone Alarm Spyware or Acronis Privacy Suite are awesome programs. I personally prefer Acronis. If all else fails, have your antivirus, Ad-aware, Spybot, Cookie Spook, Acronis, Zone Alarm firewall, Sygate firewall, and a good cookie tosser on from the moment that you turn on your computer like I do. I run all constantly and I didn't even know there was a flash program. Now all I have to do is go through about 4 systems just to get one popup WHEN I want it. It's a pain in the neck, but after losing two hard drives to viruses I don't really mind the aggravation. Hope it helps. If you have any questions (IT/hardware/software) I might be able to help with, let me know.
Posted By: WrestleEdPatty Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/25/06 06:33 AM
I JUST got that pop up! BellaOnline is VERY against pop up advertising and I will report that one to the owner of the site. I thought it was my computer, I didn't connect it with this site.

I will report it now.
Posted By: Tikus Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/26/06 12:15 AM
Cheers Guys. It's gone now thank goodness.
Edge you sound pretty clued on my man. Computer Wiz?

Posted By: Tikus Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/27/06 12:04 AM
IT's Back!
Posted By: CatBallou Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 07/27/06 05:55 AM
I'm not getting it, I have that problem with sites like MySpace, but not here. Thankfully!
Posted By: WrestleEdPatty Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 08/07/06 12:34 PM
It has been fixed. You should not be getting any more pop ups or crazy ads. It goes against the policy of BellaOnline to have those and they were "snuck" in by one of the advertisers. They have been dealt with and all should be fine now. If you have any problems, please let me know so I can report them.
Posted By: Tikus Re: Warning - Spyware Notice - 08/08/06 02:37 AM
Nah, all good now. Tah!!

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