Posted By: mojo is my betta my first betta fish - 01/09/05 08:31 AM
Aloha (Hello),

I've had my beta "Mojo" for over a year now, he is my first fighthing betta and I absolutely love him. However, I want to make sure that I am properly taking care of him. Most of my friends are dog/cat lovers so I was hoping here I can get some questions answered. Mojo lives in a 2 gallon tank that I keep half filled. I feed him betta pellets and sometimes freeze dried blood worms. The water temperature is always above 70 degrees and he has plastic and silk plants in the tank. He also has a bubble nest in the corner. Perhaps wishful thinking on his part. One thing that interest me about my fish, is that when his tank gets dirty, he hides himself, upside down, in the middle of the plastic tank. Is this a defense mechanism? I always take this as a cue to clean the tank. I absolutely love Mojo and I can watch him for hours. Is there anything I can put in his tank for his entertainment...because sometimes he looks bored.
Posted By: EmgBettaNut Re: my first betta fish - 01/09/05 11:27 AM
Hello MojoB! Welcome to the forum!

You know, if you've had your betta for over a year now....You are doing a fantastic job with him and I wouldn't change a thing !!

If I know bettas....the first thing you do different will throw him way off and he'll go and get sick on you with really hate change!

That's very interesting that he floats upside down...I have never heard of a betta doing! I'm tempted to tell you to keep up with regular water changes to make sure you get to it before it gets dirty...but...that's probably one of those changes that would throw him off..LOL! These fish are so tempermental !

As far as entertainment...nothing would entertain him more than to have another betta swimming in a tank beside him..then he would have someone to make faces at when you're not there! <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> I have a group of 4 bettas in one spot and they are constantly entertaining each other and very active and happy little guys. I don't have much of anything in their tanks either, not even gravel..because I was having problems with torn fins and finrot, got tired of dealing with it. They each have one silk plant in with them and a thermometer..that's IT! I call it the "Boring Tank" they all seem to be doing just fine and I may just leave them that way instead of going back to the "Beatiful and Intersting" tank setup. Ah well, the fish are the prettiest thing in the tank anyway! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Thanks for stopping by MojoB! Do come again and if you have a digital camera you can post a picture of Mojo on the "Rate a Fish" page. There's a link to it on one of the first threads here. I'd love to see him!...specially if you can get a shot of him floating upside down ! LOL!
Posted By: mojo is my betta Re: my first betta fish - 01/09/05 09:18 PM
I thought about getting another 2 gallon tank and male betta, but I am worried that it might stress him least thats what the guy at the pet store told me....but then again, what does he know
Posted By: jms129 Re: my first betta fish - 01/09/05 09:30 PM
My newest fish Bulldog is extremely feisty. I put up a papertowel to block him from viewing his neighbor as he would get very worked up. As soon as I did, what a change came over him. When he realized he could no longer see the fish next to him, he went straight to the bottom of the vase, and moped!! When I removed the barrier, he once again started making faces at his neighbor. Overnight, he made himself a nice big bubble chain! He was extremely happy again!
Posted By: EmgBettaNut Re: my first betta fish - 01/09/05 11:06 PM
I have found that bettas do in fact, like company. They may at first go spastic for a bit but usually calm down and just enjoy having a sparring partner now and then. As long as they have room in thier tank to swim away to the other side when they don't want to be bothered..they'll be fine...but of course, you do have the exception now and again I'm
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i once put in small snail to keep mojo company. But everytime the snail got half way up the tank, Mojo would knock him down. It took me two days to figure out where the tapping sound came from. It happened everytime the snail hit the rock. Another question, Mojo only eats 2 pellets of the beta that enough? He also like sittting ontop of this plastic plant that barely reaches the water's surface. I love my Mo!
Posted By: EmgBettaNut Re: my first betta fish - 01/10/05 09:19 AM
If he has been doing fine on the 2 pellets I wouldn't change it.

Snails usually aren't a good companion for bettas, they tend to eat Jilly.

Bettas sure do like to rest on things from time to time. Mine, the ones who still have stuff in thier tanks with, will slide into the leaves of the plants and go to sleep. My little blue shortfin sticks his head under the plants that are attached to his log.

What a fun and intersting pet these fish are ! Though, some would say we're more THIER pet than they are
Posted By: eliseaboo Re: my first betta fish - 01/10/05 03:03 PM
Yeah, my fish gets himself tangled up in his plant too, and I think that's how he keeps tearing his fins, but I don't want to remove it, because the moment I do, he'll get some terrible disease and die, lol.
Posted By: Jilly Re: my first betta fish - 01/10/05 03:09 PM
Hi folks. the deal with snails is they have to be large enough to keep the betta from bugging them. I have a girl betta in a tank with about five mystery snails, and she leaves them strickly alone. but they are big!

Small snails get eaten, or at least pecked to death. It will have to be a wait n see on your part, since each betta has it's own relationship with things - alive or not - in their tanks.
Posted By: sthenno Re: my first betta fish - 01/10/05 05:35 PM
Nebbie likes to sleep in a 45 degree angle inside of his "sunken ship" its so cute! i didnt think fish slept, but he sleeps DEEP, like me. i tried waking him up at 6am once and it took him 15 minutes to be alert enough to eat a pellet!
hes been with us since april and i couldnt bear to lose him (even tho i know i will <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> ).
both my fish like their leafy plants, but i think nebbie likes his more. amy always seems to be in the corner of the tank looking out on the world. im thinking i need to get her a little ship...sadly, it seems that shes grown out of her princess tower <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

getting a male and female and putting their tanks next to each other is very entertaining. for weeks, all they did was play coy and strut around. i think they are finally realizing that its just not meant to be a physical relationship! lol
Posted By: logic420 Re: my first betta fish - 01/11/05 02:30 AM
I agree on the plant thing. My betta has finally gotten over his moping. Tempermental is an understatement when it comes to these fish. Anyway he loves his plastic plant. He will go in between the leaves right below the surface of the water, and go to sleep. Everytime I get up in the morning or come home from work. He will be in the same spot every single time.

He has finally started to eat again, and is starting to make a bubble nest right above his sleeping place lol.
Posted By: EmgBettaNut Re: my first betta fish - 01/11/05 11:20 AM
Glad to hear it Logic ! Good going !
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