Posted By: Maria - Prime Time TV Two Dead Snails - 08/06/12 05:26 AM
Within the last 2 weeks I purchased 2 Black Mystery Snails for a 1.5 gallon tank. I've had experience with snails before and have had great success however all of a sudden my water went cloudy and the next day they were both dead. I'm not sure what happened but up until yesterday they were both very active and seemed to be enjoying life.

Does anyone have experience with snails? If so, any ideas on what could have happened to mines?
Posted By: Ice land Re: Two Dead Snails - 08/07/12 08:52 AM
I am sorry to hear the bad news, wish someone help you find the reason.
Posted By: Mary_Betta_Fish Re: Two Dead Snails - 09/09/12 12:07 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your snails. Do you know if they left the tank at any time at all? You have to have a tight-fitting lid for them because they can get out.
Posted By: Mary_Betta_Fish Re: Two Dead Snails - 10/09/14 03:52 PM
They might have been sick already. Also, the water can become cloudy if there is some outside element effecting your water. For example, if it was suddenly much hotter in the room where your snails were, there could be a sudden increase in bacteria and decomposed feces and food and plant life that created toxins in the water and thus the untimely death of some of your marine life - including snails. fish eek cool
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