Posted By: Cheryl - Sewing Editor Wide-leg to Skinny Jeans - 04/06/22 05:40 PM
The stiff, cuffed dungarees of the past used by cattlemen and miners, the 1950s and 60s youth subculture that adopted denim jeans in defiance, the bell-bottoms of the 70s and onto today's boot-cut and skinny fashionably ripped jeans, these popular slacks experience never-ending fashion adjustments.

Wide-leg to Skinny Jeans
Posted By: Angie Re: Wide-leg to Skinny Jeans - 04/07/22 01:56 PM
nothing like spending a lot of money on pants with holes in them and looking so sloppy. It's like the guys wearing their waistline just above their knees.
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