software for writing a book

Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

software for writing a book - 04/10/09 03:51 PM

What software do you guys use when preparing to publish a book from your desktop?

I used to use PageMaker and other layout packages but now I just use Word - it's easier to do a lot of the operations, and creates just as nice a finished product. I've done a number of books that way!

I do still use PageMaker and Adobe Premiere Elements when it's something complex like a brochure or card.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns

Re: software for writing a book - 04/10/09 04:07 PM

I use Google Docs and am having very good success with it. My book is almost finished and I am pleased with the options in Google Docs.
Posted By: Yellow Venus

Re: software for writing a book - 08/22/09 08:08 PM

If you own a Mac, you can use iWork. Then use Adobe Acrobat Pro to save your writing in pdf format.
Posted By: Angie

Re: software for writing a book - 11/24/09 10:54 PM

I am sold on Google Docs. I was watching a special about Google and am very impressed.

Years ago I did a talk about doing web pages. I explained the concept of where we are saving web pages as the drive in the sky. Now I understand that the concept behind Google Docs is 'cloud computing.'

What is your book about?
Posted By: Davidhernandez

Re: software for writing a book - 05/04/10 07:21 AM

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Posted By: MariaRomana-DTP/eBooks Ed

Re: software for writing a book - 10/31/10 11:12 PM

I use WriteWayPro to actually write the book, because of the ease of jumping around between sections, and the ability to create chapters and scenes, keep notes on plot and characters, etc., BUT when it's time to actually produce the book, I export the manuscript from WWP to Word. Most of the publishing sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords) can all take a Word file as input and convert it to their reader format. Other software that is popular for ebook creation is yWriter and Scrivener. Though I haven't yet tried it myself, I have heard rave reviews on Scrivener. It used to be a Mac only product, but they just recently released a public beta of their Windows version, which is due out in early 2011. --Maria
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