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The first one to answer THREE trivia questions correctly will win the prize. This contest is open to anyone living in the US or UK who is aged 18 or older. Only posts that are unedited will be accepted as answers. Prize will be shipped to the winner at no cost to the winner. The prize will be This Isn't Excel, It's Magic! By Bob Umlas which is worth $20.00. For complete rules, please visit

The answers to each of the trivia questions can be found in the Excel articles at's Desk Top Publishing channel.
The first question is:

Which Excel Function would you use to figure out how much money to save monthly to reach a defined amount of money in a defined period of time?

Remember, your answer cannot be edited to win.
Is it FV?
Sorry that is not the function I was looking for. Please try again, you are close.
How about "goal seek"?
Goal Seek is a great feature in Excel but it is not a Function. I'm looking for a function in the question. A Function is a built in formula that uses specific arguments. DTP has an article that explains how to use this function to build wealth.

Thanks for trying. Try again!
How about PMT?
That is correct!!! Thanks for playing.

Watch for the next question.
The 2nd trivia question is:

What tool on the Format Toolbar can be used to copy a cell's format to a range of cells?

Good luck!
Format Painter
That's correct ....2 points for kmslape!

Watch for the final question tomorrow.
Question #3

Describe the two ways in which you can display the Page Setup Dialog Box.

Good Luck!
One through the main menu system and the other from the Print Preview feature.
Horray ... you got it!

Three Points wins the book. Please send me your address privately through email so that I can get the book to you.

Thanks for playing!
Addy is on it's way. Thank you for the contest! I actually learned something through this one!
YOu are very welcome ... I am sure you will learn more from the Book ... it's a good one.
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