Posted By: Sheryl T Learning to publish ebooks - 06/24/15 10:28 AM
Very new at this but I am reading all articles, making a notebook of said articles and also reading Lisa Shea's website. I feel I am learning from the best.
Posted By: Susan Helene Kramer Re: Learning to publish ebooks - 06/25/15 04:36 AM
Hi Sheryl,

Are you a BellaOnline editor now? A complete course is available to editors.
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: Learning to publish ebooks - 06/25/15 03:50 PM
No I'm a former editor. I spend a lot of time on here fattening up the forums but not an editor. Wish I was.
Posted By: missdeana Re: Learning to publish ebooks - 06/21/17 12:16 PM
Something that I have been eye-ing to do for so long is publishing ebooks. Anyone here with great tips?
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