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Posted By: Gillian ClassicalMusic

Computer Error Messages - 07/01/02 05:44 PM

Anyone know what Iexplore has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL means? I've had two computer crashes with complete reformats and reinstalls in the past month, had this one last night. I have an impression that KERNEL32.dll error messages may be serious but I don't know. I have IE6 from the Freeserve disk. I really don't want any more problems!

At the moment apart from IE6 the only software I have is what came with the PC except for printer and scanner and Norton Antivirus 2002. It's on Windows ME which I believe can be a nightmare in any case. Do I need to call Dell again???
Posted By: Gillian ClassicalMusic

Re: Computer Error Messages - 07/01/02 05:46 PM

When I got this message I was surfing (through Bella links on my tatting site I might add) and decided to print something off - it was a normal HTML page with no ads on it at all, just images and text. The error message came up - I think - when I closed the windows and surfed on but it shouldn't have done that and didn't do it with anything else. I didn't allow it to send a report to Microsoft as it wanted!
Posted By: kssmul

Re: Computer Error Messages - 07/03/02 02:17 AM

Kernel32.dll errors can be caused by many different things ... including virus, older version of MSN Messenger, incompatable drivers with some program etc. It may not be anything too serious and sometimes will happen as you are closing an IE window. I would keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening on a regular basis, then I would call Dell.
Posted By: Gillian ClassicalMusic

Re: Computer Error Messages - 07/03/02 05:43 PM

OK, thanks very much. It hasn't happened again since Sunday so I suspect it was shutting down the window too quickly after printing that did it. I will call Dell if I start to get a lot of these. Thank you for answering!
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