Posted By: Rayna - Depression Editor Reasons for Living - 07/20/14 02:34 AM
These thoughts are sure to inspire you, lift your spirits, and remind you that there is always hope. Whether you read them on your best or worst day, remember at least one!

Reasons for Living
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Reasons for Living - 07/20/14 04:36 AM
Maybe if I wasn't so Depressed, those thoughts would lift my spirits
Hopefully someone can get hope from those thoughts
I'm BiPOLAR And suffer from depression that needs to be treated with medication
Posted By: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Re: Reasons for Living - 10/12/14 12:12 PM
Wonderful article, Rayna. Very comforting and reassuring. Thank you!
Posted By: Rayna - Depression Editor Re: Reasons for Living - 10/17/14 12:31 PM
You're very welcome Debbie, thanks for reading!
Posted By: Rayna - Depression Editor Re: Reasons for Living - 10/24/14 12:12 PM
You know, I missed your reply when you posted it Rosie. I'm sorry about that.
Even when you're low, remember that things change. You will have better days.
Have you been able to get your BPD treated?
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