Posted By: Vance - Crime Editor 5 Bogus Diets - 01/06/10 01:53 PM
There is on yahoo about five bogus diets including the grapefruit diet. To read the full article, please click here.
Posted By: joanj Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 01/06/10 03:04 PM
Thanks for posting! I'm sure there are many who are still buying into these fad diets listed here.
Posted By: Pat83 Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 09/06/10 04:19 AM
^ Therefore, the do NOT work Actually Atkins is probably THEE BIGGEST BOGUS diet on the planet right really should be # 1 on that list.
Posted By: Julie - Computer Careers Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 09/07/10 06:02 AM
I wouldn't do a traditional low-carb diet because I get more migraines when I eat less carbs. (In fact, it took me a long time to realize that the reason I always felt bad when trying to eat "healthy" is that I need to eat a larger percentage of carbs than the average person.

I do think that eating low carb can be healthy, but as with anything else you have to eat mindfully. "Low carb" diets don't usually count vegetables as carbs (although my body does), so you can certainly eat a variety of healthy foods on a low carb diet. And if you gorge on bacon or steaks or whatever it's just as unhealthy as eating just grapefruit or cabbage soup.

Posted By: Pat83 Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 09/09/10 07:19 AM
Any low carb diet is NOT healthy for many reasons...muscle wasting, liver damage, weakens immune system. Carbs should be 60% of our daily intake. What people need is to become more educated on complex carbs versus simple carbs, and combine that with nutrient timining...what we eat, how much we eat, but ALSO when are the best times to eat what we eat. Americans are consuming way too much protein, and we're going to pay an awful price in the long-term for it.
Posted By: AKLisa- Knitting Editor Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 09/15/10 09:37 PM
I had gestational diabetes, and I was so grateful for all of the low carb diet materials available. A lot of the low carb diet recipes work for diabetics.
I have met so many people who swear by low carb diets, I wonder why it is that they are working for these people - perhaps they have a tendency toward blood sugar swings and these diets work better for them?
I took enough biology classes in college to know why Atkins leads to so many problems, so I am not defending completely the low carb diet. I just think that something else may be going on that isn't really being studied or explored.

Oh, and I remember my mom trying the grapefruit diet probably 25+ years ago. Didn't work.
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: 5 Bogus Diets - 03/07/15 01:47 PM
I did the Dolly Parton diet back in the 80's I lost about 12 pounds in a week but gained it back really fast. BOGUS.
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