Power of Antioxidants

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Power of Antioxidants - 04/10/09 02:43 PM

It all starts internally .Antioxidants, antioxidants and antioxidants...Every day we are on the planet we oxidize! Our aging process is straight up oxidation. Add in exposure to pollution and other stresses (work, money, family, alcohol, etc.) we are exposed to daily. Multiple in strenuous exercise or physical injury producing an overload of free radicals that damage healthy cells by oxidizing the cell membranes. ARE YOU GETTING MY POINT! Antioxidants Neutralize the Free Radicals and Limit their Destructive Impact.
I have tried all the good supplements and I have to say I'm going to be fifty and I often pass for mid 30's. Here�s my suggestion....
CoQ10 (I like Life Extension)
Fish oil or even better Krill oil (I like NKO. Krill over fish oils any day)
High purity Botanical extracts Green tea, Grape, Olive (I use to take them all separately. Now one product has them all XKO3 by Liberatone Advantage)

Live Long...
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 08/12/10 08:23 PM

Eating foods containing antioxidants such as cherries, blueberries, tomatoes, squash and bell peppers can help to both prevent and reduce the severity of gallbladder attacks. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which are toxins that are produced by the body performing oxidation. These free radicals can actually cause inflammation, and since a gallbladder attack is due to inflammation of the gallbladder, it's important to eat foods that neutralize them to help reduce the number and severity of gallbladder attacks.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 09/07/10 09:20 AM

Reduce the amount of fat in your diet

It has been shown that high cholesterol levels in the diet as well as the amount of saturated fats can precipitate a gallbladder attack than ingesting any other diet. Therefore, a person suffering from frequent gallbladder attacks should limit there fat content in the diet and preferably avoid those fast food outlets.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/09/11 12:51 AM

acai berries are the best antioxidant you can take they contain omega oils, amino acids and vitamins essential for health, co -enzyme Q 10 is another antioxidant that is needed regularly, for those with slack teeth and gum problems nothing is finer. green tea has taken off well and is also used by many people.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/10/11 02:49 AM

body - - boosting chocolate could soon be on the menu, as us scientists have unlocked the genetic code of the cocoa bean. they hope this information can now be used to tweak chocolate, increasing levels of the active compound flavonol to help fight high blood pressure and heart disease. the chemical in cocoa could soon be turned into a medicine for a persistent cough uk researchers claim. scientists are carrying out the final trials of a drug that contains theobromine, an ingredient found in chocolate and cocoa. so anyone needing an excuse to tuck in then this is it. if you dont like chocolate can i have yours please.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/10/11 12:15 PM

zinc - the importance of this supplement is that it has many benefits for good health, from clearer skin, to promoting fertility, preventing tumours, prostate gland trouble in men, and the list goes on. this powerful antioxidant can be found in foods such as pumpkin seeds , oysters,beans and nuts and meat. it is also essential for proper sense of taste and smell. the mineral is found in tablets at all herbalists and supermarkets and is cheap to buy.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/11/11 11:42 AM

chromium picolinate - this mineral is needed by the body for help in maintaining the correct levels of blood glucose, it is responsible for transferring glucose to the cells, its other advantages are in the process of synthesising protein therefore helping in the building of muscle. doses are between 50 to 200 mcg are safe found in fish , meat , best taken in supplement form from herbalists.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/12/11 07:01 PM

green tea is a very good antioxidant and its benefits are known worldwide now . black tea is similar as well. a serious disease can be helped by drinking these teas, and the name of it is called haemochromatosis, it is caused by excess iron in the body? too much iron causes damage and disease? as the build up of iron causes tissue to become toxic. there are limited ways to get rid of iron but tannins in the tea draw it from the body to be secreted away. those suffering from anaemia would benefit from drinking less tea without milk and sugar.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/12/11 07:56 PM

Skyelaw you definately know your stuff regarding tea. Tea is quite beneficial to drink for many reasons~so rather than drinking beverages filled with sugars, dyes, and who knows what else reach for tea!

Keep on drinking tea!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/13/11 09:20 AM

thank you for the compliment mary . i didnt know there was a tea site? i will have a look at it . cheers.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/13/11 10:36 AM

the black elderberry - these berries are steeped in history, they were eaten and taken to the afterlife by the ancient egyptians , were used by the greeks as a tonic pick me up, and used by the vikings as a must for health. this powerful antioxidant can now be bought in a supplement form enriched with zinc and vitamin c in a tasty concentrated juice, excellent for the immune system. on sale at all major herbalists.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/13/11 08:43 PM

the pear - this fruit is probably the most delightful antioxidant we could eat, no other fruit has as much healing power as the pear, it is full of different vitamins and minerals and can help in various health problems and diseases, its antioxidant compounds are better than echinaccea another popular aid to health. so go on get those pears eaten if you want good health and protection.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/13/11 08:54 PM

goldenseal - a very potent antioxidant that was used and discovered by the native cherokee indians, other tribes such as the iroquois used the root part of the herb for stomach problems. it has antibiotic properties and was used in respiratory infections such as pneumonia. various other health problems have been benefitted by this wonderful herb. caution must be taken with goldenseal as to not overdose and the correct dose must be taken.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/14/11 10:18 AM

milk thistle - also a potent antioxidant often used to help the liver in its function of removing toxins from the body , and to heal the liver in cases of cirrhosis caused mainly by alcohol and drug abuse. a good preventative method to stop hangovers and as a hangover cure is to take this herb before venturing to consume alcohol, people on prescription drugs that have been taking them constantly for years will benefit from this brilliant detox herb.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/14/11 11:01 AM

honeysuckle- there are nearly 200 types of these plants and bushes in the world today 180 types documented, my favourite is the lonicera tatarica . the flowers of the honeysuckles have an antiseptic effect and are made in to a syrup for medicinal purposes, chinese herbal medicine has various treatments on offer using this lovely looking plant. one cure for sore throats where the flowers are ground into a powder and blown to the back of the throat is very effective. care must be taken as not to inhale the powder into the lungs. the bushes are very attractive and no garden should be without one, although they do grow like wildfire and can often strangle other bushes nearby.i drink a fomentation of lemonade with honeysuckle flowers, nettle leaves with flowers, and dandelion flowers and stems, although i simmer the flowers for a couple of minutes before allowing to cool before straining the liquid. boiling too long can destroy the vitamin content.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/14/11 11:22 AM

manuka honey - the honey bees of new zealand make the honey from the manuka bush, the properties in the flowers of this bush being antiviral and antibiotic. face creams for acne and many other uses are obtained from the manuka honey which has the highest content of antioxidants of any honey used today. it has been more than successful in treating duodenal ulcers, and other internal complaints, its antibiotic content is amazing, i have used this honey on cuts and found it worked better than antiseptic creams like savlon and germoline. it is quite expensive to buy but the benefits outweigh the cost? anyone allergic to penicillin suffering from stomach ulcers, would be delighted at the relief this manuka honey can bring.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/14/11 07:44 PM

garlic - often called the russian penicillin garlic has so many uses and is a fantastic antioxidant, eating it raw is best, but your friends will run if you do? it contains allicin which is the compound responsible for its antibiotic capeabilities. the different illnesses benefitted by garlic are nearly everything that man can suffer from, it is the best herb to have in your garden and cetainly the best in the kitchen. heart disease, blood pressure, sore throat, pneumonia, you name it garlic will help. i eat it regular with sandwiches of cheese or chicken or beef, every soup i make or stew has it in, it has worked wonders on some of my dogs who eat it also. capsules can be bought with odourless garlic for health.
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Re: Power of Antioxidants - 02/22/11 06:44 PM

Zija is 100% natural and contains over 90 verifiable nutrients and benefits in each serving. It is overflowing with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, omega oils and vital proteins. I drink it every morning!
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