Posted By: Dr_Wright

LOST - 10/08/05 06:58 AM

you KNOW you want to talk about it!
Posted By: Roni

Re: LOST - 10/22/05 09:46 PM

Ok, I have been watching and it is NOT as good as last year(it is dragging a bit) BUT then I will keep watching because I know I simply cannot stop myself...Kate misses Sawyer--(hehe)

BTW:Did you know that Evangiline(sp?) Lily (Kate)is dating the hobbit guy in real life?
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Re: LOST - 10/23/05 08:46 PM

I wonder why people feel its not as good as last year
We got 3 sets of people on the same little island
no sign of the dinosaur or bear or whatever, pirates
a crazy guy in a dungeon of his own making....

whats not to like?
<img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: vmb

Re: LOST - 10/24/05 09:44 PM

The show feels different to me this season but I still find it fascinating. I do remember reading somewhere that there are different writers this season than there were last season. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Posted By: Aime

Re: LOST - 02/03/06 04:07 PM

Just got into this show! Watched the whole first season this week (don't know HOW I found time!!) and am into the second now on my iPod - loving it! Should be caught up by next week.

I also just saw on another board that Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly are engaged? Might just be a rumor... ?
Posted By: Bellini

Re: LOST - 02/20/06 11:41 PM

I don't know if they are engaged, but I know they are certainly ready to be- everyone says they are very in love and it was instant!

ANyway, I'm a huge LOST fan- can't wait until this wednesday!
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Hook ups - 04/16/06 08:39 PM

Lost seems to be very sexy and steamy, I am surprised more people dont hook up on that Island!
Posted By: goldiee1218

Re: Hook ups - 04/17/06 06:20 PM

yes, i'm a HUGE Lost fan too
this week's epi looks very interesting!
Posted By: parentdetective

Re: Hook ups - 05/03/06 11:03 PM

I think lost is the best show.... I still wonder about the creatures there....
Posted By: Roni

Re: Hook ups - 05/19/06 06:58 PM

Look like getting a ticket for drunk driving is VERY annoying to the Bosses on "Lost" The season finale is next week--2 hours--woohoo..
Posted By: Lexxy

Re: Lost - 05/24/06 08:17 PM

tonight's the night, you guys!! i cannot wait to see what the hell's gonna happen!! i want some answers!!

we shall see!!!!

Listen to Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill :
Posted By: Southeastasiatravel

Re: Lost - 05/25/06 04:28 AM

Who saw the show and what are your opinions?

Taisha Turner <img src="/images/graemlins/fish.gif" alt="" />
Southeast Asia
Posted By: ArtsyChick

Re: Lost - 09/22/06 03:58 AM

I cant wait for the premiere.
October seems eons away.
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Re: Lost - 09/23/06 09:49 AM

Thats how I feel!
Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving

Re: Lost - 09/28/06 11:08 AM

Last night's overview of the previous seasons was really good. ( I don't usually like that sort of thing.) It got me ready for the premiere next week.
Posted By: M o e

Re: Lost - 10/04/06 05:43 AM

I can hardly wait to watch the season premiere tomorrow. I always feel stressed watching this show but I can't help myself. I like watching for the clues.

I've been watching 6 degrees this season which I believe comes from the creators of Lost and you can definitely see similar qualities.
Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving

Re: Lost - 10/06/06 02:27 PM

I was a little disappointed in the Lost premiere. But it lived up to its reputation of leaving you hanging until the next episode. I always feel as though I want to stay there in front of the TV until the next week.
Posted By: joanj

Re: Lost - 10/06/06 02:57 PM

I watched Lost in the first and season but the show "lost" me with its constant reruns. I like 24 a lot because they don't play those games of planting re-runs to extend the season.
Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving

Re: Lost - 10/06/06 09:31 PM

I liked the reruns because there were always little things that I missed. There are always so many plots going on that the reruns would refresh my memory. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Re: Lost - 10/09/06 08:55 PM

I have missed so many episodes, its almost all new to me!
Posted By: Roni

Re: Lost - 10/09/06 09:01 PM

Well, I saw it and I must say that this is all going to be Verrrrrrry Interesting! Although I hasten to add that this island vacation has helped Jack's character developement the most as he appears to have been a whiney paranoid SOB in his other life...

"Took the bears two hours"
Good one... <img src="/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Are there too many people on LOST now? - 10/18/06 03:41 AM

should they start calling the show 'SmALL vILLAGE?"
Posted By: M o e

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 10/31/06 12:40 AM

LOL. Small Village it is!
Posted By: wondering

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 11/09/06 03:27 PM

I just watched last night's episode of Lost, and thought it was very good. However, they were touting it as the 'season finale'. I did hear something about the show going on hiatus for a while...does anyone know when the next new episode will be airing? (Please don't say it's not until sometime in the new year; I can't stand it when shows go into reruns for what seems like forever, esp. at the beginning of a new season!)
Posted By: JanZeiger

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 11/10/06 03:09 AM

16 new shows will start in February and will air back to back--with no repeats at all.
Posted By: Roni

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 11/10/06 06:02 AM

Wow at the rate people are being killed off they are going to need another plane crash...

"Kate and Sawyer sittin' in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!"

so why are all the women hairless and the men soooo scruffy??

Things that make you say:"MMMmmmmmMMMmm?"
Posted By: wondering

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 11/10/06 05:09 PM

16 new shows will start in February and will air back to back--with no repeats at all.

Oh, okay...thanks Jan. Now we all have to wait till February to see the next episode! <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: wondering

Re: Are there too many people on LOST now? - 11/10/06 05:18 PM

so why are all the women hairless and the men soooo scruffy?? Things that make you say:"MMMmmmmmMMMmm?"

I know! If I was stranded on an island, there's no way I'd be hairless after so many weeks/months. I know that they could justify everyone being able to shave if there were razors found in the assortment of luggage that was originally salvaged, BUT...look at Kate, Jack, and Sawyer now. They have been made prisoners, and it seems they've been under lock and key for a while. I doubt very much that the 'others' provide them with assorted shaving sundries, yet Kate had absolutely no armpit hair or leg hair in her makeout scene with Sawyer, and both Jack and Sawyer always have the same 5-o'clock never gets shorter (in case they were shaving) or longer. And their head hair never grows either. Guess it must be part of the magical mystery of the island.

If I ever get stranded on an island, that's what I'd want...magical hair upkeep. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Of course, I'd wanna be stranded with good-looking men too, like Kate was...*sigh*
Posted By: Dr_Wright

Golden Globes - 12/26/06 07:00 PM

They got some nominations in the golden globes!
Posted By: raleigh

Re: Golden Globes - 01/10/07 11:52 PM

I can't wait for Feb. 7th! I am sooo ready. I think that I am going to have to rewatch the last six episodes because I can't remember what happened -- haha!

But I was tv the other day and say a preview for this movie AND I swear that the in it is the undercover cop who busted Locke -- check it out:

undercover cop?

let me know what you think? and I think the movie looks pretty good.
Posted By: Roni

Re: Lost - 05/24/07 04:44 PM

wELLLL, LAST NIGHT WAS THE FINAL SHOW OF SEASON 3 AND SOMEONE VERY NEAR AND DEAR TO EVERYONE WAS KILLED OFF(sorry for shouting) As no one has posted about anything much I'm going to be kind -- but this was a great season and I cannot wait for next year...
Posted By: babyquacker

Re: Lost - 05/26/07 02:46 AM

Oh, Roni, I had it taped and just watched it ... dumbfounded... that's all I can say. I thought he was a goner, then Desmond swam down and saved him from the girls then the one-eyed guy came down and started to kill the girls and Desmond got him and Charlie saved the girl long enough to get PART of the code but at least she told him the song ... and since he IS the musician he was able to stop the interferance but he saw the one-eyed guy outside with the grenade so he locked himself in the code room, wrote the message on his hand to Desmond, gave him that sweet look through the water with those eyes as he floated off... HOW SAD!!! But, my husband said, AT least they didn't kill 3! Poor Claire! Could you tell how the baby got upset at the same time?

Did you like the way it ended? Do you think it was a dream sequence of what would happen if they WERE rescued? Who do you think the funeral was for? It was supposed to answer questions but for me it just made more. frown

Posted By: Tbunny

Re: Lost - 05/26/07 03:15 AM

I think it was showing one possible reality for if they were rescued. A guy at work said he thinks the funeral was for BEN because when the director asked "friend or family" Jack said "neither." And Jack with all the maps and flying all over the Pacific waiting for another crash was pretty wild.

I personally thought the Charlie thing was dumb. A. why wouldn't you get the dive gear ready before you enter the code? B. the station wouldn't have flooded instantly so why close/lock the door at all? Or why not leave the room and close/lock it from the outside? I thought the Penny thing was good, though. And I did notice Claire's baby start crying at the same time.

I was SO glad Jin and Sayid weren't shot. And Hurley rocks! And WHAT is with Jack/Kate???? Too weird. And I still don't trust Juliette.

Someone said they're signed for three more seasons now. Woohoo!
Posted By: Yumeko

Re: Lost - 06/28/07 10:52 AM

Way to leave us hanging ;>

Though I've been thinking about something.. Where have all the scares from the first season gone? Like that strange smoke? Are we not getting an answer as to what it really is?
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