Posted By: BoomerGal Dick Van Dyke show - 10/10/11 01:49 PM
TV land recently ran a marathon of old Dick Van Dyke shows which are celebrating their 50th anniversary. I know this isn't a current sitcom but it was one of the first great ones. Everything in this show just "worked'. The characters were great and the writing was terrific.

I have to say, honestly, that I don't watch any current batch of sitcoms on the air right now but I really love the old ones from the 60's.
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Dick Van Dyke show - 10/10/11 02:16 PM
I agree I watched it also
Posted By: goobie Re: Dick Van Dyke show - 09/02/13 04:50 PM
I really love the Dick Van Dyke show. Actually, most of the shows Dick Van Dyke was in are really good. I think he has a chemistry with the camera that is lacking in a lot of modern actors and actresses.
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