Favorite Tea?

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Favorite Tea? - 05/03/02 07:23 PM

What is your favorite kind of tea? Do you prefer bags or loose with a strainer or ball?
Posted By: Lisa_Shea

Re: Favorite Tea? - 05/16/02 06:56 AM

I really love Japanese tea, and I guess I like bags because they're so much easier. Nothing to clean up afterwards and no little tea bits everywhere <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Randi

Re: Favorite Tea? - 03/17/03 08:28 PM

Ah, tea, one of the most wonderful things of the life <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> My favorite is Nilgiri tea. Soft, good tasting (if well made) but also can be really kicking and angry. (My wife called that tea 'nasty' 'cos it really doesn't like any mistakes when you're doing it..) Of course, always sure choice is earl gray (at places where I have to get some tea and choices are between caylon, ceylon with bergamont oil, ceylon with fruits). It's almost impossible to fail with that one.

And no teabags! Paying even single penny from such thing is (almost) crime <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Who knows is it really tea at all or is it acctually sand dust which they put there. (For example Lipton yellow teabags -- ARGH! I wonder how they've managed to get it so horrible! <img src="/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> ) Loose is my choice, it takes some time and makes some dishes but usually it's worth of that. After hard cooking nothing's better than sitting down next to my wife, having couple cups of tea.

Teme =)
Posted By: Ron

Re: Favorite Tea? - 07/12/03 12:51 AM

I am partial to green tea in the bags since no mess to deal with. I often make it by the power of the sun. Lately, I have been adding two or three crushed fresh Spearmint leaves to my glass. In the winter, I take a lot of Wellness tea with honey added. :-)
Posted By: JanetBoyer

Re: Favorite Tea? - 07/17/03 12:35 PM

Believe it or not, my favorite tea is Salada de-caf tea in the blue box. (The regular tea in the red box doesn't taste as good.) I used to really like Earl Grey, but can't get into it anymore. I like Peppermint tea, too, especially for when my IBS acts up.
Posted By: pete louis

Re: Favorite Tea? - 07/22/03 12:19 AM

My favorite so far is English Breakfast. I also like this Chinese oolong we're buying recently, but that's in bags. There are several others I'd like to try. I haven't used loose tea enough to get comfortable with it, I can't find a container I like. Most containers leak tea bits.
Posted By: cryssun

Re: Favorite Tea? - 08/14/03 11:48 PM

Tetley. Obviously!

This tea comes from the UK, in a circular bag (no string). The Brit's love their tea and have spent years designing the perfect bag for their already perfect tea. This is it. Tea, served with milk. Yum.

Hard to buy in the US, but available online or at British specialty shops. Whenever I go to the UK I come back with several 240 bag packages and freeze them. When they run out... thank goodness for the internet!
Posted By: IceQueen

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/11/04 09:21 AM

My mom just says it smells like perfume, but I really really really like it. I drink this fancy stuff called "Anastasia" from Dean & Deluca.

The one I liked before Darjeeling was Jasmine tea. They served it to me in this restaurant I liked, so I got myself a whole box. Tetley.

They kept serving this beautiful, fragrant tea at all the Chinese eateries, and I could never pinpoint what kind of tea was served. It turned out to be Oolong, so I got the Oolong tea, and started drinking it. However, after a while, it started to seem kerosene-y to me, and I dumped it for Jasmine.
Posted By: JanetBoyer

Re: Favorite Tea? - 02/04/04 10:08 AM

Ice, I almost bought some Darjeeling the other day! (But didn't) (And tea that tastes like kerosene? eek Ack!)

My current favorites are Black Currant, English Breakfast, Ceylon, and Monk's Blend...all decaf.(Can you tell I've branched out since Salada? LOL <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> ) All because my friend bought me an authentic English teapot...
Posted By: myhands

Re: Favorite Tea? - 02/04/04 01:12 PM

The best tea I've ever tried my friend brought home from China. It was green tea, loose. It did actually taste MUCH better than any green tea I've tried here. Oooh, maybe they have some in Chinatown?? I shall see:)
Posted By: Stephanie Austin

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/18/04 06:11 PM

My all time favorite tea is PG Tips!! It is an amazing british tea...they're food's not the best, but they sure do know about tea...
Posted By: Wendy Tall One

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/19/04 02:35 AM

There are several teas that I like...but I have one fave = Mint!. o0o0o How I love it. Wakes me up and gives me fresh breath to boot. It comes in bags tho =. However I do know that it would be easy enough to pilfer mint leaves from friends gardens... :devil:
Posted By: JanetBoyer

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/19/04 08:11 AM

Wendy, you can buy mint from your grocery store! Just the other day I tossed a few mint leaves in a cup, filled it with water, and nuked it. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Very delicious!
Posted By: Wendy Tall One

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/19/04 01:13 PM

I know but this gives me a covert reason to go and visit friends.
Posted By: mamaD

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/24/04 12:42 AM

My guys like Twinings Earl Grey.But this is not easy to find anymore.Have tried others but not as good. My fave is Red Rose.
Posted By: Michianna

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/24/04 01:49 AM

MamaD if you like Twinings Early Grey you should try one of these tea's from Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies
Posted By: FOW

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/24/04 06:10 PM

That is a nice site;
I enjoy blending my own herbal teas. For whatever the intended purpose. Sleep, calm or health healing.
Posted By: mamaD

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/24/04 11:36 PM

great site thank you <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Morigaine

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/25/04 02:37 AM

My very favorite is Twinings Lady Grey. Milder than Earl:

A sumptuous blend of oriental teas, Seville orange and lemon peel, flavored with a hint of Bergamot.

Harder to find than Earl, but well worth it, in my opinion.

On a cold, blustery day, I endulge in Bigelow's Constant Comment (flavored with orange rind and sweet spice).
Posted By: Tokyo Mimi-chan

Re: Favorite Tea? - 12/09/04 09:58 PM

Japanese Green Tea is by far my favorite. If you have never tried you really should, its not to expensive either.
You just cant beat a warm cup of Sencha on a cold sunday morning.
Posted By: Judith, Football editor

Re: Favorite Tea? - 12/31/04 02:51 AM

My favorite is a ginger tea. It is so good. I love the small of fresh ginger that I cook with so this tea hits the spot. Also I like a plum tea that I found.
Posted By: Roni

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/05/05 04:50 AM

I like all kinds of tea but I am not fond of Earl Gray or English Breakfast tea. Green tea w/jasmine, white tea is expensive but worth it as a treat, in the summer I drink a fruit tea called Sun Tropic blend but it is made for the place where I buy it. That old poison Lipton, or Tetley or Luziane areall fine with me as well.

There are several Yogi teas that are aryuvedic formulas made for to balance your dosha that my sis-in-law sends me. I also drink a blend of tumeric, ginger and natural sugar that is good for aches and pains...wait there is another ingredient but I'll have to look at the recipe...they are all natural anti-inflammatories (sp?)...
Posted By: Jahva

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/05/05 07:25 AM

hmm, this is a good question. I think right now I'm really enjoying the tea from all of the herbs I grew in my yard this year-- I grew peppermint, chocolate mint, orange mint, lavender, stivia (as a sweetener), St. John's Wort for relaxation, and Gotu Kola for the brain. I dried all of these out and brew them in a ball strainer.. wonderfull wonderful taste!
Posted By: Jahva

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/05/05 07:31 AM

Originally posted by Roni:

There are several Yogi teas that are aryuvedic formulas made for to balance your dosha that my sis-in-law sends me. I also drink a blend of tumeric, ginger and natural sugar that is good for aches and pains...wait there is another ingredient but I'll have to look at the recipe...they are all natural anti-inflammatories (sp?)... [/QB]
ooh yeah aryuvedic medicine is beautiful and powerfull. I have this kind called Life Cafe that's prepared from the Vedic texts and is supposed to contain powerfull anti-oxidants. Very healing and tastey too.
Posted By: English_Garden

Re: Favorite Tea? - 06/07/05 03:19 PM

Here in the UK - Yorkshire tea is a favorite - my mother will drink nothing else.
I have recently changed from bags to loose tea and prefer Twinnings Breakfast tea or Assam - I like it really strong!

English Garden & Walking
Posted By: vmb

Re: Favorite Tea? - 06/07/05 05:05 PM

My favorite is Darjeeling, which I have only recently been able to find in decaffeinated. I can't have caffeine, for medical reasons, and I don't like herbal teas. My second favorite is Earl Grey.
Posted By: jasoni1

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/24/06 05:47 AM

Scarlet Cloud from Teavana is an awesome tea!
Posted By: Babz

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/29/06 04:28 PM

Constant Comment---an orange-spice sort of black tea in a bag--decaf or regular. YUM!
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor

Re: Favorite Tea? - 01/29/06 06:32 PM

Twinings Lady Grey is actually my fav (Earl Grey w/ extra notes of citrus)

and then we have a local tea shoppe that makes this brand called Creme Grey - Ahhhhh, to DIE FOR!

Fortunately for me they both come in decaf - Yea!
Posted By: Bellini

Re: Favorite Tea? - 02/20/06 11:57 PM

I'm a huge Green tea fan, but I am getting into other more exotic flavors like lavendar vanilla
Posted By: ~ Rae ~

Re: Favorite Tea? - 02/21/06 04:55 AM

My current fave tea is a jasmine pearl green tea. Pricey but oooh sooo yummy. I have a little tea boat and a tiny pot with a strainer so I can brew it next to where I sit at my desk and not make a mess.
Posted By: Lisa_Angelettie

Re: Favorite Tea? - 02/21/06 06:51 AM

Earl Grey English Breakfast - the red bag. Yummy!
Posted By: juliebean

Re: Favorite Tea? - 04/04/06 12:55 AM

I love Bigelow, Tetley, and Twinings...
Posted By: Lynn_B

Re: Favorite Tea? - 04/04/06 01:20 AM

Cinnamon Apple from Bigelow is one of my favs.
Posted By: lemoncat

Re: Favorite Tea? - 04/05/06 06:50 AM

It's hard for me to pick a favorite- I like all kinds of teas.
I really like Darjeeling. Earl Grey is good, too.

But I also like a lot of Japanese teas. Sencha is a good green tea. There's also Genmaicha, which is green tea with roasted brown rice. Roasted barley tea,Mugicha, doesn't contain caffeine. It's very refreshing iced on hot days.
Posted By: joanj

Re: Favorite Tea? - 09/15/06 05:53 PM

I like Stash teas. YOu can buy some different ones in most grocery stores but you should see their catalog! They are also on-line. You can get green, black, bags or loose and it's all great. The bags are also foil wrapped so they stay fresh longer.
Posted By: sagetzu

Re: Favorite Tea? - 10/23/06 04:52 AM

I enjoy green, earl grey, but my favorite is good old Lipton, hot with milk.
Posted By: FrenchCultureMelissa

Chai, of course - 10/28/06 10:07 AM

I'm sipping on a spicy mug of CHAI right now. With honey and milk it makes THE perfect breakfast beverage. Some good brands to try are Yogi Tea, Tazo, and Stash. I always opt for the black variety but it sometimes comes in green as well. For a Chrismas twist try substituting sweetener and milk with a splash of eggnog. If you like cinnamon and spice and everything nice...You have to give it a taste!
Posted By: mini sun

Re: Favorite Tea? - 03/03/07 08:44 AM

My fav tea is chinese green tea,and the chinese Tieguanyin (one kinde of wulong tea(oolong) which taste very well.
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