Posted By: Somaya Will I get dehydrated from drinking coffee? - 08/13/15 02:22 AM

Can you please reply to this question..
q)Will I get dehydrated from drinking coffee?
No - coffee is basically flavored water but like everything else in life, moderation is the key. Too much coffee = too much caffeine unless you drink decaf.
Hi Sadhana, I heard that coffee and tea can have a drying effect on the bones and joints due to the tannins, acids and caffeine in them. People with arthritis are generally recommended to refrain from drinking and eating acidic foods and drinks containing caffeine or tannins because of the adverse affects. It is said to dry out the joints and bones more. Especially if there is not enough water taken in to counter the effects. I suppose on a general level tannins are used in tanneries to dry out the animal pelts. So rather than be dehydrating in the way that we need more fluids to rehydrate, it is more detrimental as above. It also takes the body 6 hours to detoxify one cup of coffee from the body so it is easy to build up a dependency and withdrawal symptoms from it.
Tracy, I have heard this too, so I try to compensate for it LOL!!! I start my day with a glass of water, then drink my first cup of coffee. Then I have another glass of water before I have my second cup. I REALLY notice a huge difference if I don't drink my water in the morning. I can FEEEEEEL the dehydration happening HA HA!!!
Again moderation is key - excess of anything is never good!
And that, Sadhana, sadly, is why I don't live on coffee LOL. I tried once - it didn't feel very good in my body LOL!!
Coffee definitely has a diuretic effect - meaning it causes you to need to pee. The same thing happens with sodas and so on with caffeine. So yes, you want to be cautious when drinking anything with caffeine that you also drink non-caffeinated beverages to balance those effects out.

I avoid caffeine in general for a variety of health reasons. This is just minor compared with other things caffeine can do to the body. It's good to look into your particular health situation to see how caffeine might be impacting it.
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