Men Knitting

Posted By: Renee22

Men Knitting - 01/02/10 03:34 AM

I saw and odd thing a man knitting I just sat down and watch him. have you seen a man knitting?
Posted By: Megan M

Re: Men Knitting - 01/02/10 08:00 AM

Not really unusual. After WW1, knitting, crochet and embroidery was taught to soldiers recovering from wounds and also from shell shock as a form of therapy.

I've been researching this in order to write an article for the Embrodiery site here on it. Quite fascinating.

Apparently it was done in England and USA in WW1, and in England in WW2.

Sailors also used to knit and embroider.
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Re: Men Knitting - 01/02/10 05:17 PM

I know they do, but it is rare to see nowadays. I just recently saw Kaffe Fassett in Pacific Grove, if you get a chance to hear him I highly recommend it, but although their are a lot of men who know how to knit, I've rarely seen it and generally still surprised when I do. Now that I think about it, at Imagiknit in San Francisco there are generally always men there knitting or buying or working there...
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Re: Men Knitting - 02/06/10 06:23 PM

I have never personaly seen any guy knitting but the first time I heard of one was when they wrote about Rosie Grier (spellck) the football player. If he can then no further comments needed..LOL. I know of a guy personally that embroiders. In some magazines they will show guy designers so no big surprise.
Posted By: Claybird

Re: Men Knitting - 02/07/10 12:34 AM

My granddaughter's BF knits. He has a job that requires him to be alone and on call for periods of inactivity, then spring into action for a short while. He found that trying to read while waiting for the phone to ring meant that he lost his train of thought after the bell rang and had to start at the beginning when coming back. But he can pick the knitting up every time with no problem, and he ends up with something tangible that he is proud of.
Posted By: Jane - Native American

Re: Men Knitting - 02/10/10 02:39 AM

My husband learned how to knit as a boy. His sister couldn't get it, or wasn't interested. So it was probably out of sibling rivalry.

I kinda wish he would get back into it and help with some of my projects, that's probably unlikely. But he was proud of the interlocking neck wrap he made, and has bragged on it recently.

We could have a bumper sticker made for the guys
"Real Men Knit"
Posted By: MargeKnits

Re: Men Knitting - 02/16/10 11:03 PM

I have taught my son and daughter to knit, but neither is really interested.

Men used to do all of the knitting, fishermen, shepherds, etc. I think it would be great if they joined us!
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