How are you doing in the Coronavoid?
Hi Korie,

I'm doing a LOT of knitting these days. I guess, finally, I can justify my substantial stash, eh? I literally could shelter-in-place and knit for months and not run out of yarn.Heck, even if I did manage to run out of yarn, I have my spinning wheel and plenty of fleece and fiber. I'm good. :)

Obviously, I'm trying hard to put a "good face" on things ... in reality, I'm high-risk due to age, and live with a spouse who is much higher risk due to age, diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues. We went into lock-down 10 days ago and have only left the house once (to fill a prescription) since then. My hubby is going stir-crazy. I told him I'd teach him to knit ... I don't think he was amused.

How about you?
Very similar. I am going through my stash, finishing up UFO's, and appreciating why I started knitting in the first place!

Where in Alaska are you? I'm in the 'burbs of Los Angeles.
I'm out in the Matanuska Valley, about an hour's drive north of Anchorage. It's a beautiful area. We live on 15 acres of wooded land, with our small house perched on a hillside with a nice view out over the valley.

Right now, we're finally seeing signs of winter giving way to "break up" ... there is hope we'll eventually make it to spring.

I grew up in southern California (left when was 28) - I still have one sister living in Burbank. Too many people down there for me! wink
Posted By: Krztypie Re: Knitting in the Time of Coronavirus - 04/15/20 09:37 AM
Knitting seems to be a very good idea to do these days. I can imagine it very calming. Surely relieves the stress from these scary times. Come to think of it, this coronavirus did a lot of good things, getting us back to our inner peace.
I want to come visit the Mat-Su soon. I have a college friend in Anchorage, and would love to actually see Denali in person! I was in Alaska on a cruise in 2010 and loved it. Great small yarn companies, great knitting traditions! So much easier to wear knitted clothing....
It surely is. My knitting and writing have kept me sane over the last month!
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