Rose in a Pot

Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Rose in a Pot - 09/08/12 10:05 PM

My boyfriend got me a potted rose for Valentine's Day. It's still blooming! I'm so happy, it has lasted far longer than cut flowers would have. And it brings oxygen into the world too smile

Do you guys have potted roses?
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Re: Rose in a Pot - 01/20/13 03:23 PM

In December the rose plant lost nearly ALL its leaves and I was quite worried.

But I nursed it along, and it grew fresh leaves! Here is how it looks today -

Posted By: Shula

Re: Rose in a Pot - 06/13/13 08:01 AM

Keep giving it lots of love and attention, and fertilizing it regularly will definitely be rewarded with lots of beautiful roses.
Posted By: clairehobby

Re: Rose in a Pot - 06/26/13 04:29 AM

Your rose is so bright, take care of them and share more pics about them.
Posted By: LindaM55

Re: Rose in a Pot - 06/26/13 06:14 AM

Sure wish mine were that pretty, it is beautiful... I have no luck :wall:
Posted By: Lestie4containergardens

Re: Rose in a Pot - 03/09/14 09:43 PM

Hi everyone,

How are you doing with your roses?

Go here for some info and advice - it may help you do something you want or have been meaning to do but haven't got around to doing yet? Good luck anyway...

Grow Rose Containers

Cheers now
Posted By: ginabarnes

Re: Rose in a Pot - 04/08/14 11:46 AM

I love roses so much! I tried growing roses on a pot but no success. I wanted to have a big rose but when its my turn to grow my own it turned out so small. Im not satisfied with it, Any advice on how I can grow rose on a pot successfully?
Posted By: Lestie4containergardens

Re: Rose in a Pot - 04/09/14 06:34 AM

Hello ginabarnes and all,

See the post above yours that has a link to an article about growing roses in containers.

I am sorry that you were not satisfied with your rose that you grew, was it a miniature perhaps?

Once you have read the article mentioned above by following the link, please come back if you have any specific questions and I will do my best to help you.

Thanks and cheers
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