Most Fragrant Roses

Posted By: Michelle - Roses

Most Fragrant Roses - 12/15/11 04:33 AM

There are so many wonderfully fragrant roses! What are some of your favorites? Which roses do you consider the best for scent? My favorite is Double Delight. The Most Fragrant Roses
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 12/15/11 01:11 PM

Yippee, we finally have an editor for the ROSES!!!

Welcome Michelle and I am looking forward to some awesome information from you.

I am not into the scent of roses, but thoroughly in love with the climbing and miniature ones for how they make my home outside look.

Right now, I don't have a garden, still trying to fit into Sylvester's domain after giving up my apartment of 14 years. But I am already looking at the outside to see what roses I can add. Now the challenge is to protect them from the "brats" that do visit when his family arrive. Yikes! I am thinking of putting up a fence way in the back by the clothes line. Maybe they won't notice my rose(lol).

Talk SOON!!!
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 12/17/11 05:24 PM

Great article!!! I knew roses had names, but I didn't know specifics. I love them all. I was given a beautiful bunch of off-white colored roses by my son a few years back. Gorgeous!

Will you be writing any articles on drying roses for display? Mine always get brittle and break.
Posted By: Michelle - Roses

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 12/17/11 06:34 PM

Dianne, thanks for your kind words! Yes, I am planning a future article on drying roses, both for display and to make potpourri.
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 12/29/11 05:11 PM

Definitely one on potpourri too!!! YEAH!!!
Posted By: carolinarose

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 05/07/14 06:40 PM

I grow over fifty roses. Many of the newer varieties are beautiful, but have no fragrance. One of the fragrant roses I recently bought, if Fragrant cloud. Is there any way to pics on here?
Posted By: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 10/12/14 12:27 PM

The most fragrant rose I have grown so far is a pinkish/lavendar rose called Melody Parfumee sold by Jackson & Perkins. I work for a florist and stumbled upon a lovely old fashioned pink rose, like a cabbage rose, that had a heady perfume. It is called O'Hara. Just wonderful.
Posted By: Darrell Dawson

Re: Most Fragrant Roses - 07/10/16 10:48 AM

Hi Hybrid Tea rose is the most fragrant roses.
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