Mom's Bedroom (Need Help!)

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Mom's Bedroom (Need Help!) - 10/27/14 12:07 PM

Hi All, My mother's bedroom is in the W and SW corner of the apartment. The room is currently empty, but I see that she needs red, pink, white. However, the element is metal. Could someone give me some advice...........
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Re: Mom's Bedroom (Need Help!) - 12/14/14 08:48 AM

Hello, maybe my answer is a bit late, considering your post is from October, but it is never late to do some improvements! The colors are not that important, unless they are very intense ones. Even in this case they will work more on psychological level, rather than Qi level. Neutral colors with your mom favorite accent colors will work perfect. Follow the golden rule of the interior design: 60-30-10, where 60% would be your basic neutral color of favorite shade. The colors in interior design do not matter much in feng shui. Only red color can influence Qi (the energy) – and I mean a lot of red. :) What is important for feng shui of a bedroom is to support Yin aspect. Yin is responsible for health, wellbeing, relationships and ability to save and accumulate money (think about IRA account!). :cool: Check what is located outside of that corner of the building. If there is a small elevation of land – then Yin factor is supported and it is very good for the bedroom. If, on the contrary, the land is lowering on that side, the Yin is weak without support. If you have a raise of land, put the bed headboard along that wall where is the raise. This will bring your mom health and financial stability. Also check outside of the building for anything that looks disturbing (in that quadrant) – any piles of rubbish, construction trash, dirty, smelly, stagnant water, large dead trees, etc…Never ever put the bed in a manner the headboard is directed towards those objects. :( Better move the bed along inner wall. Make sure there is no chimney in the wall behind the head board, water pipes, the bathroom commode is not sitting on the other side of the wall. There are many other formulas used in feng shui, but those above are basics that will help to avoid many problems. I would recommend you to figure out what exact corner the bedroom takes: west or south-west. In 2015 West is affected by yearly star 5, :mad: which is the most malicious energy. If it turns out that the bedroom is located in west quadrant of your house, make sure you do not do any renovations, do not put nails into walls, do not move heavy furniture, do not dig outside the house in that quadrant, do not use fireplace. Keep it quiet. There is that saying in feng shui: do not disturb sleeping tiger… I hope this information will be helpful and your mom will enjoy her new cozy bedroom! :)
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