Posted By: dragon11 Two Bedrooms in Fame and Recognition Corner - 05/11/14 12:48 PM
Hi There are two different bedrooms in the fame corner of my house, one is mine and the other is another family member. I have noticed that things are never right between us. Would this affect our relationship, we do seem to be competing for attention it seems, and how could I add a cure for this? Many Thanks
If you look for feng shui answer, the Fame corner concept is not applied. Corners belong to so called pop-feng shui invented in mid 80's by new-age adepts. It has nothing to do with real feng shui, for example San Yuan School. To be able to apply feng shui analysis one would need to know compass directions, your kua number and such... it is impossible to figure it out just the post of the forum. Quarrels can be caused by star 3, or the Ba-Zhai location of your or your family member bad in such position it causes problem. Try to move one of the beds to the other wall and see if it will help. If it is stars or Ba-Zhai problem it may relieve the situation. However it may affect other things. Also the problem may lay in other areas of your house. I would advise to be careful - if everything else is OK, especially your financial situation and relationships with your spouse, it is better not to experiment without knowing what you doing... :-)
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