Posted By: jasminesolis chinese tea drinking - 04/12/10 03:43 AM
hello,everyone, i am an America-born Chinese. since i like drinking chinese tea very much ,i wanna know that what do you think of China and do you like drinking Chinese tea and is it good?
Posted By: gdjewelry Re: chinese tea drinking - 04/21/10 02:38 AM
I do love Chinese tea but I have not bought from online shops because I need to taste it before I buy.
Posted By: simonaderson Re: chinese tea drinking - 09/16/10 12:32 PM

one day the Chinese emperor wanted some boiled water and a tea leaf fell in his mug and he called it tea.
Is it a real story of the tea i want it to know .
Posted By: Lucyhale Re: chinese tea drinking - 12/07/10 11:54 AM
Well i don't know about this story but i like the Chinese tea.
Posted By: thisiseasycash Re: chinese tea drinking - 02/03/11 07:05 PM
I lived in Taiwan for a few years and I miss the different varieties of teas they had there. I especially liked shui guo cha (fruit tea). If I had the money my dream would be to open a cafe that serves Chinese style tea with the little pot and the different flavors like chrysanthemum, cumquat and all the different kinds.
Posted By: Astera Re: chinese tea drinking - 05/16/11 07:29 AM
The Categories of Chinese Tea 1) Green tea 2) Black tea 3) Wulong tea 4) Compressed tea 5) Scented tea A popular proverb among them says, "Rather go without salt for three days than without tea for a single day." Drinking tea has the following health benefits: * Improve the immune system, slow down aging and can help prevent cancer; * Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis; * Prevent tooth decay, freshen the breathe and assist in digestion; * Enhance the eliminating functions of the kidneys.
Posted By: Hanna86 Re: chinese tea drinking - 05/24/11 06:21 AM
I like China very much. It is known to us all,China held the Olympic Games in 2008. In that year,I went there. I found that the people in China are very friendly and there are so many places of interest in China. I like Chinese tea too,because the tea has long history and it tastes very good.
Posted By: Lokelani Re: chinese tea drinking - 06/28/11 08:51 AM
I love it. I used to hate it when I was a kid, but the tasted of Jasmine tea is just sublime.
Posted By: Debbie-SpiritualityEditor Re: chinese tea drinking - 02/25/12 05:10 PM
I like the Oolong tea served in Chinese restaurants. Every time I visit I ask for a pot of tea. It goes so well with the foods served.

I keep some good quality organic Oolong tea on hand at home as well for when I get take out Chinese, or when I just want to enjoy the flavor of that great tea.
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: chinese tea drinking - 02/26/12 12:11 AM

I love oolong tea too! I love green teas in general~ Come visit the tea site and find out so much more on tea.

Mary Caliendo
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Posted By: Ice land Re: chinese tea drinking - 07/04/12 04:31 PM
[quote=simonaderson] hi.................. one day the Chinese emperor wanted some boiled water and a tea leaf fell in his mug and he called it tea. Is it a real story of the tea i want it to know . thanks [/quote] It's just a legend,as the Santa Claus.BTW,I also like Chinese tea very much.
Posted By: kangtuo Re: chinese tea drinking - 07/28/14 10:50 PM
Hey,i am so excited that i am a chinese, i have not heard this story and i have found some information on website and i have not found something about this. But i can tell you that the origin of the word "tea" , the earliest found is in one book called "Shen Nong's herbal",an ancient Chinese medicine book , it is the most ancient of the first drug book in the world.
Posted By: cory455 Re: chinese tea drinking - 12/02/14 02:25 PM
Check the in ingredients of the tea that you but. Some so called Green Tea can change your immune system. So, if you think green tea could help you loose weight think again, it has not been proven yet that it helps you with weight problem.
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: chinese tea drinking - 12/16/14 10:51 PM

Dear Readers,

Please see my tea site here at bellaonline

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Thank you.

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Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: chinese tea drinking - 03/20/16 10:13 PM
Dear Readers,

Once again you are all welcome to visit my very interactive tea forum. I have many interesting conversations going on at any one time all about tea!

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