A day out in at the London Design Museum

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A day out in at the London Design Museum - 08/05/09 12:01 PM

Hey all just came back from London and I would definitely recommend it as a holiday destination or a weekend get-away if you are based in the UK. Also something that i went to last monday was this exhibition called Super Contemporary at the London Design Museum was great fun and loved all the art - an artist by the name of Zaha Hadid really caught my eye. I'd recommend going - there's also this giveaway of tickets at that you can get so that paying isnt so much of an issue :) Hope you enjoy it as much as i did ... thought this was the most appropriate place to post - however, i am happy to take it down juts thought as it's related to my post London it would be nice for you all to know what the newest exhibits are...enjoy
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Re: A day out in at the London Design Museum - 08/13/09 07:22 PM

I went to London in 2009. I am planning to visit London again next year. I will probably go to the museum. Thanks.
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Re: A day out in at the London Design Museum - 04/03/10 07:04 PM

If you are there and have lots of money try the Pont de la Tour restaurant, for those with less money there is another brasserie type restaurant attached which has stupendous food at slightly cheaper prices, I have eaten there and can recommend it. Also go to the London Museum which has a lot about the City of London. it is near the Barbican which also has some great concerts, plays and cinema. Hope you have have a great time. Jo
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