Dream Instrument

Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor

Dream Instrument - 01/24/06 01:08 AM

What instument(s) would you love to learn how to play?

For me it's the drums (for those stress release moments), the guitar (so I can always have accompaniment no matter where I am), and the harp (just because it is so beautiful! Both to look at and to hear.)
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Posted By: elle

Re: Dream Instrument - 01/24/06 04:04 AM

Irish fiddle, violin, and yes, drums too, just to go nuts whenever I want!
Posted By: MeganBoardGames

Re: Dream Instrument - 01/24/06 04:52 AM

I always want to play weird, rare instruments.... I'm with you, Michelle, on the harp. Bagpipes always seemed sort of fun. I'd like to be able to play jazz on some sort of horn.. sax or trumpet....
Posted By: elle

Re: Dream Instrument - 01/28/06 06:27 AM

Oh, I love jazz. I would adore to be able to sing jazz, and play jazz piano - I'm incredibly lucky to have a very talented father-in-law who is a jazz pianist. Unfortunately he is in another country, so I don't get to hear him that often. But after growing up with very little music as part of our homelife, it's just amazing to settle in for a live jazz session after dinner at their place. Very soothing.
Posted By: Kennie - Etiquette Editor

Re: Dream Instrument - 01/30/06 02:43 AM

Well, the two instruments that I was interested in but my mother wouldn't let me play were the french horn and the cello. So either of those would be really cool.
Posted By: Katja

Re: Dream Instrument - 07/18/06 01:45 AM

Cello...I already play violin and viola but I just don't think I could pick up cello; it's just too different.

As well, piano. I'm not sure I could pick up playing with two hands and reading music in two different keys.

And I have to agree it'd be sort of fun to play the pipes, in part because women so seldom do so. However, when it came to the Celtic Arts group I joined, I decided I'd rather learn to dance than pipe, so so much for that. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Dream Instrument - 04/21/16 10:15 PM

Piano and violin.
Posted By: Altenect

Re: Dream Instrument - 08/01/17 03:26 AM

I want to learn drums :D I know how to play flutes already.
Posted By: Sadhana ~ Indian Food

Re: Dream Instrument - 08/17/17 11:35 AM

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