Posted By: Ms A PT - 09/25/08 07:41 PM
I'm not sure if this technically fits into the category of alternative medicine or not. However, my regular doctor keeps wanting me to take ibuprofen (I have tendonosis, as well as some other issues) -- and my research said that you do NOT want to take anti-inflammatories for that. I've been in physical therapy for a couple months (started after a fall caused some acute problems on top of my chronic ones that I had not been treating) -- and things were going slowly. So, after an MRI, the doc said nothing there showed a connection to my shoulder problems, and again urged me to use ibuprofen and encouraged me to get a steroid shot. I'm against the former unless needed and warranted, and loathe to go for the shot unless truly warranted. I talked to my pt, and he agreed with me on both points.

But after doing some research (before my pt appointment), trying to figure out why I have so much shoulder and neck tightness, and shoulder pain, I think I figured out what may be part of the problem -- TMJ. The pt agrees with me, and, we also think that my hip has been a factor. Who knew a hip could affect the shoulder? (Well, apparently, my pt did!) I feel more optimistic than I have in a while, like we have really started to pin down the root problem, and will be able to deal with it in a non-invasive and non-medicating manner.

Anyone else have positive (or negative, I suppose) PT experiences?
Posted By: HeatherCleaningEditor Re: PT - 10/10/08 04:52 AM
No, but I'm glad that your research and your PT's guidance kept you off some very unnecessary meds and steroids. Can you imagine the goose chase you'd be on with whatever those caused if you'd just listened to your Dr.?

And they wonder what's wrong with us...

Posted By: AltmedVictoria Re: PT - 10/23/08 07:29 AM
What a great example!!... It is always a good idea to be an active participant in your health care by researching all information about your health concerns.
Posted By: C.C. Re: PT - 10/23/08 07:43 AM
It's important to be a proactive patient now a days. I love my doctors; however, I always like to do some research on my own before trying any treatment.

My personal PT experience was not helpful. However, I have seen many people have successful results with it. I guess it shouldn't hurt to give it a try as you always have the option to go back to more invasive treatments as well.

Take care,
Posted By: AltmedVictoria Re: PT - 10/23/08 08:07 AM
Always learn as much as possible about what conventional and alternative therapies can do for your medical problem before seeking treatment. Many people mistakenly believe that only one type of treatment will alleviate their medical problem. The reality is that each approach may have its merits and shortcomings.

Always weigh the risks and benefits of any treatment before you try it. Regardless of the type of therapy you choose keep in mind that every treatment carries potential risk including the most seemingly harmless treatments.

We can all take an active part in the maintenance of our health with the guidance of a health care professional.
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