PTSD and Hypnosis

Posted By: 8GreenEyes

PTSD and Hypnosis - 08/29/11 12:37 AM

I am new here and wanted to say a quick hello to all of you. Does anyone here know anything about treating PTSD in children? I have a daughter recently diagnosed with this and we are looking for ways to help her.
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Re: PTSD and Hypnosis - 09/03/11 02:22 PM

I worked with a hypnotherapist for neuropathy and she said she had worked with many military vets for PTSD. I would think that children would be very good hypnosis subjects.

There are licensed hypnotherapists who work with children and you could probably google it for your area to find one.
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Re: PTSD and Hypnosis - 09/03/11 02:50 PM

Thanks BoomerGal! We haven't been very lucky in finding anyone to help our daughter that lives in the area. Insurances don't pay for the alternative therapy that has been suggested to help her. I will not give up until she has found some happiness in her life.
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Re: PTSD and Hypnosis - 04/24/12 01:35 AM

I have recently read that a technique called "Tapping" works very well for PTSD; in fact, it works so well it is written about in the website: military dot com. Try doing a Google search for "tapping for ptsd" or similar. I wish you all the best.
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Re: PTSD and Hypnosis - 05/26/12 11:36 AM

Have you seen the work of Peter Levine, he works a lot with mind-body methods, including guided meditations and movement exercises, for treating trauma of all types, including in children. His main book for children is called Trauma Through a Child's Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing.

Wishing you and your daughter peace and healing.
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