Below you will find a link to the 'Cartoon History of Poland' created for Shabhai Expo 2010. I consider it quite amazing and interesting. It is only 8 minutes!

As there are some historical characters, I was wondering how many you would be able to recognise! Please, post the names of people you recognised (please, add time during which they are shown in the film so that we could all check and learn ourselves). Unfortunately I have no prize I would think off, but let's do it for our satisfaction... and the film is reallllly good:)

Cartoon History of Poland on YouTube
You just took this from another group, and I think a far better one. Come up with your own ideas, don't just copy others. We need new things.

I am sorry, if I upset you, but this is a fact.

Barbara thank you for posting the youtube link. great animation. I am not familiar with Polish animations. You bring this to light. many forums must you get banned from. You just don't learn or get it do you. I guess a tiger never changes his stripes. Maybe they should ban you right off this planet. Your comment was so unnecesary and uncalled for but so typical of you and your behavior so no surprise to me.
This is just your thinking, or lack of. And who cares what you think anyway. Is there no freedom of speech, here. You may be the troble maker, not me. Look into your own heart, first.
Mike, no you did not upset me:) don't worry:)

Haha:) believe it or not but I never had time to check other forums. But I alos never stated my idea was unique. I am sure there were contests like this even before the group, you are talking about, set up the contest.

Anyway, sure - there is freedom of speech. But I guess the general rule of the forum is- if you do not like something, you do not have to take part! But allow others to enjoy it!

Anyways... I really like that movie. Somebody sent me a link via facebook. Although 8 minutes seems too short to tell the whole history of Poland;)
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