Posted By: pureheart What was your first job? - 10/04/02 03:41 PM
I was reading somewhere that a phenomonal percentage of people have worked in McDonalds at some point in their life. I guess it's an easy job to 'learn how to work' in.

My first job was doing clerical and computer work at a small computer company near my home. I remember the storage devices they used were these giant tapes that were bigger than a dinner plate around. You would have to hit a button on the computer, have it "eject" one of these and then put in a new one when you wanted to switch projects.
Posted By: KCDNCR69 Re: What was your first job? - 10/05/02 05:17 AM
My first job was as a clerk/receptionist at a medical laboratory. Everything was typed by hand. Wow, that makes me feel old.

It's funny you should mention those big storage tapes. The job I had right before my current position was in the accounting department of a company that serviced similar large disk packs. The company eventually went under since newer computers had no need for the giant disk packs.
Posted By: pureheart Re: What was your first job? - 10/11/02 06:25 PM
I remember writing a paper for high school on a typewriter and every time I made a typo I had to try to fix it, and if I screwed up a bunch of words I had to retype the entire page again. What a mess!!
Posted By: Kate Ruth Re: What was your first job? - 10/11/02 06:43 PM
My first paying job was first outside-the-house job was in college (I went to high school out of the country) = I worked at FedEx (when it was a tiny company) looking for overweight and oversized packages on the MOVING conveyor belts....
Posted By: pureheart Re: What was your first job? - 10/12/02 01:28 AM
I know people out here in college that worked for UPS and they said it was *brutal*! It was solid hours of moving boxes at a super fast speed. It sounds at least like yours was semi-sane!
Posted By: Kate Ruth Re: What was your first job? - 10/12/02 03:43 AM
Yep, "semi-sane" is accurate!! FedEx was still very much a "baby" and their package volume at that time was pretty low - I was offloading Falcon jets!!! (small!) I stayed long enough to see them hit 1 million packages and then, 2 million. My brother hired on right before I left and he is STILL with them!! He has lived and travelled all over with FedEx - now he is living in Anchorage, AK....his first jobs were Wal-Mart (unloading trucks) and FedEx. He made a great "choice" between the two when the time was right....
Posted By: pureheart Re: What was your first job? - 10/12/02 04:15 PM
How does he enjoy Anchorage? I *loved* that area when I went to visit it a few years ago, it was just so pretty! The mountains were amazing. But I imagine about now it's getting pretty cold ...
Posted By: Mavis Re: What was your first job? - 10/13/02 10:45 AM
My first job was at an insurance company where I was a policy typist. It was so exciting to have an electric typewriter because in school, we had to learn on manual ones.

A couple of years ago, when I was looking for a part time job to help cover the leftover bills from my other job, I thought about McDonalds, but instead ended up at the YMCA/YWCA.
Posted By: Kate Ruth Re: What was your first job? - 10/13/02 08:35 PM
My brother lived in WI for several years as a de-icer for FedEx. He visited AK several times before relocating and I honestly have not seen him SO happy. He takes beautiful photos and enjoys hiking, hunting and the like....
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: What was your first job? - 07/01/11 08:43 PM
Hi Bella Family:

This is an oldie wink but thought it would be a good topic for today.

My first job was working in a department store back in Jamaica, West Indies at age 12. I was so happy to be able to have my own cash.

Now your turn...

Thank you,
Posted By: Linda19 Re: What was your first job? - 07/01/11 09:56 PM
Hi Angela xx

My first job was picking blackcurrants. I wanted a pair of Dr Scholl originals. I was eleven years old. I got up at dawn during the summer holiday and went with adults who also picked fruit in the summer and worked until I had enough money to buy a pair.

My father would not let me buy them in the end because he said I needed sensible shoes. I can't remember what I did with the money now.

I now own a pair of pink Dr Scholls! My mother bought them for me five years ago.

When I was nine years old, I picked lots and lots of wild violets, painted a tray purple, and walked around my home town trying to sell them to people. I ended up giving them away lol.

This is the first time in my life I have not had to work. Since my first real job, in a hair dressers, I have had a million and one other jobs. From chicken farming to dental nurse, working with deaf children and people with dementia to being a private secretary and owning my own restaurant.

Now all I do with my time is write.

Hope you are safe and well x
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: What was your first job? - 07/02/11 03:59 PM
Hi Linda:

Yes, I am safe - thanks for caring...

I am working on my 2nd week of staying with his sister, we do talk but I am not in the house with him. He is truly sorry, but until he is READY to deal with his issues - I have to take care of ME. I am suppose to stop by and see the dogs today while he is at work, do miss them SO MUCH. I don't have a key as I gave it back to him and have not asked back for it. One of his grown sons is visiting from New York, so I can get access.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing - does my heart GOOD when I see some "activity" in this forum. There are so many unemployed folks out there, I am hoping that they will find this forum and come home wink like I did.

Nothing like my Bella Family!!!!

Hugs to everyone,
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: What was your first job? - 04/21/18 07:47 PM
Avon, only lasted a campaign.
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