There are lots of articles of interest to the traveler! Let me know if there's something you would like to see covered, and I'll do my best!
How about California road trip ideas? I have taken my fair share and, despite the fact that I'm a California native, I always feel like I don't know enough to take my road trips from very good to great.
What about an article about the various Chinatowns of California?
Or how about the paranormal sites in CA?
So you would want to read about where to go? Where to stop? What to see?
Wow! That's a great idea. Where to find ghosts? I'm sure there are books out there that I could review on that one.
This is an amazing idea. There are of course Chinatowns in each of the main cities, but did you know that there is a gold rush town called China Camp?
Okay, lovely readers! There is a Chinatown article in the works. I love the idea of paranormal sites - the Winchester Mystery House is one of them for sure. I love the idea of writing about California road trips - there is the romantic idea of a road trip that's different from just driving from place to place.
I live in the Inland Empire, so I'm close to Riverside and Palm Springs. I'd love some ideas on summertime things to do, that are free, or inexpensive.

So far on my list, I have:
Drive to Idyllwild, have lunch, walk around, and visit local shops.
Go to Oak Glen, walk around, visit shops, get caramel apples.

I have two teens, and want to get them out of the house. They are 16 and 18.
Oh I would totally visit the paranormal sites laugh
Lake Perris State Recreation Area is your closest "beach". It's a lot of fun! Also, Lake Gregory up by Lake Arrowhead offers swimming and paddleboating. Have you been to either?

Ahem... you've just given me a great idea for an article....

I'm in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley, so we're not so far away from each other!
Deanna, an article about Lake Gregory in the Crestline area (near Lake Arrowhead) will appear this week. Thanks for the suggestion! I still need to do some research on the paranormal sites. That is in the works!
doing research on the paranormal sites. This will take a bit of time. Bear with me!
I love this idea! I'm thinking about route 66 in Southern California....
Hi Korie,

One of the places I would most like to visit in California is the Hearst Estate, San Simeon. So many of the silent films stars were guests at San Simeon. Heart's colossal art collection is something I would like to see, plus the estate was designed by architect Julia Morgan. Have you had the opportunity to check it out?
Did you get a chance to see Desert X’s Mirror House in Palm Springs? I guess the neighbors fought against the traffic and noise it caused so the Planning Commission just voted that it had to come down.
Posted By: KHowe Re: Come see what's up at the California site! - 02/22/19 09:23 PM
I've lived in California my entire life and there is so much to see - always finding new things to do!

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