my hair wont curl..

Posted By: exotichair

my hair wont curl.. - 02/19/07 03:56 PM

ive tryed everything to make my hair curl nothing works the wet set take forever to dry & half the time the curls dont come out i went to beauty school even the teacher couldent figure it out .. i have long stright blck hair the only thing i can do to it is the ever so popular puff on the top of the head... it be nice to change up my hair style every once in awhile ... got any ideas..
Posted By: "Rosie"

Re: my hair wont curl.. - 02/19/07 09:29 PM

you say you have long hair, maybe your hair is to heavy to hold a curl, my hair is also very long, there isn't a roller big enough to curl my hair, maybe a shorter hair cut, good luck (exotic)
Posted By: Isa123

Re: my hair wont curl.. - 02/19/07 10:24 PM

Ever considered washing your hair with a shampoo for curled hair, then wrapping your hair on benders and letting them air dry? You could also consider a perm.
Posted By: sallyann2007

Re: my hair wont curl.. - 03/30/07 10:18 PM

I have always had long poker straight hair , then last summer on a whim I got it cut real short. It had curl !! I am letting it grow out now because it was like a puff ball on my head. So, the length may just be pulling the curl out. I could not deal with the curl after a lifetime of straight.
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