Posted By: 1stclasscleaning to clean your car - 07/17/08 10:01 AM
what do you use to clean your car , do you clean at home or you used car cleaning services.
Posted By: starrdust Re: to clean your car - 07/17/08 03:13 PM
I use dishwashing liquid, believe it or not. Works for me.

Posted By: jecika009 Re: to clean your car - 07/18/08 03:47 AM
I use to clean my by car wash liquid. It helps me to clean my very easily. I do not like to give it to the service center to wash it. It is the wastage of money gives for washing to service center.
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Posted By: jerryflower Re: to clean your car - 07/19/08 08:52 AM
I clean my car with a soft brush and a car washing liquid, which name is Aqua wash. But I am not satisfied with this liquid. Can anyone tell a better car washing liquid for my car?
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Posted By: albertson Re: to clean your car - 07/23/08 04:59 AM
I used to clean my car with good quality of liquid to wash.Because the liquid could not damage the car paint.
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Posted By: franfran Re: to clean your car - 07/25/08 07:55 AM
I use something called Turtle Car Wash, which is available at most of the supermarkets here in Australia, although I think it is made by an American based company. I never bother with using a chamois or a polish because the car seems clean enough after I'm finished and anyway it only takes a short time before it begins to look dirty again....

I just use Windex window cleaner on the glass. Someone once told me that you should use a specially formulated cleaner made for car windscreens because of the effect of some of the chemicals in ordinary glass cleaners on the surface, but they always seem to work allright for me, so I'm not about to spend more money on some thing else.

And of course I vacuum the inside.
Posted By: fusion376 Re: to clean your car - 08/13/08 03:00 PM
I use any good quality of liquid wash to wash my car.
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