Posted By: Ms A Would you buy? - 04/10/08 08:56 PM
If hydrogen fuel cell cars were available, and if refueling stations were available across the country (so you wouldn't be limited as to where you could drive) -- would you be likely to buy a hydrogen fuel cell car?

What about the Chevy Volt -- scheduled for release in 2011. It is a hybrid that has a longer range (about 30 miles, which is said to be the amount most people would go in a day) battery so most local driving would be purely electric -- then plug in overnight, and ready to go in the morning, fully charged.

Posted By: WestCoastDenise Re: Would you buy? - 04/15/08 02:23 PM
I think the new auto technology are great ideas but I also wonder what happens after the life of the car is done. For example, I heard that the hybrid batteries are bad for the environment and what to do with them later has not been tested. I would like to know more about accidents in a fuel cell car too. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So I would definitely consider buying but wait for fuel cell cars to be out a few years to get the bugs out.
Posted By: Ms A Re: Would you buy? - 04/16/08 11:19 PM
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