Jacks/Janes of All Trades?

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Jacks/Janes of All Trades? - 05/28/07 01:46 PM

What's your opinion of Jacks or Janes of all trades? How do they fit into today's world of specialization? Or, do they?
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Re: Jacks/Janes of All Trades? - 07/27/07 09:15 PM

My thoughts on being a Jane / Jack of all trades is from the perspective of being one.

I find it exceptionally hard to describe what I do to someone who asks. People are so used to "pigeonholing" that someone without a neatly defined title seems to confound them.

As far as personal job-satisfaction, my versatility has helped me enjoy just about anything I choose to do. It also, combined with a discomfort in negotiating, often lead to me taking on more work without more pay, when I worked for other people.

As for my "career of projects" that I have now, being a "Creative Jane" fits perfectly.
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Re: Jacks/Janes of All Trades? - 07/30/07 04:13 PM

I know the feeling. Sometimes, when people ask what I do, I simply ask them, "At what time of day?" But, I defintely took on more than my share at different jobs because I could do the work. Took years to just do what they were paying me for and demanding payment for additional chores.

I remember working for a temp agency that told me to call them the minute anything other than the request work was asked of me, so they could bill the additional charges. Wow! What a concept! That was the seed to my learning how to say 'No.'

How are you faring?
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