Posted By: Sharry - Cycling Editor Mountain Biking - 01/29/12 01:32 AM
I just bought my first real mountain bike this summer, but only got to take it out on a couple of very short rides. I'm definitely looking forward to more this summer. The Mat-Su Valley in Alaska has some great trails, or so I hear, that I'm looking forward to riding as soon as the snow is gone.

Where do you like to mountain bike? What are your favorite trails - either specific ones or types of trails? Let us all know the places we should check out.
Posted By: bogert Re: Mountain Biking - 02/05/12 05:00 PM
I love to ride on Mountain bike anywhere. I don't take cycling as a Sports, But as a Health Recover and Generator :)
Posted By: Dustin Miller Re: Mountain Biking - 02/07/12 07:47 AM
mountain biking is enjoyable activity where you can somehow relax. I love it when the cool wind touches my face. However, it can also be dangerous that is why it is important to always wear proper out. I never leave my house without wearing leather jackets .
Posted By: Ice land Re: Mountain Biking - 07/31/12 04:08 PM
I also like to ride around the mountain, but I can only ride at weekends.
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