What if you've worked your whole life but either did not save for retirement or lost all your savings due to the fluctuating economy. Take heart there is hope.

Here's an article describing 10 places you can live on Social Security alone.

10 Places you can live on Social Security Alone
I checked out that article mentioned above. Not very workable. They give figures for a *couple* that together on Social Security make about $26,000 per year. Not a good article for senior singles on Social Security that make approx. $780 per month.
Unfortunately, the article covers only retirements within the US. More and more US citizens these days are exploring retirement places *outside* their homeland. Already there are millions of retirees living very comfortably in a variety of places in Latin America. Thousands of others are living even more cheaply in some south-east Asian countries, from Thailand to the Philippines. And speaking English all the while. There's a good website called *International Man*, available via Google, with lots of Q & A threads. (I am not an American, but I am looking for somewhere that my wife and I can retire to where we don't have to pay tax on our meagre funds. Even southern Europe is looking pretty good at the moment.)
Mexico is really good right now with the peso at a 12:1 ration. My friends retired there on $400 a month with a really nice villa and a maid. They went to Los Algodones which is 5 miles from Yuma, AZ.
This fit in well with their doctor appointment and their ability to get very cheap prescriptions at the Mexican pharmacies.
Hi Cheryl. Your friends must be sitting pretty now, with the peso down to 16 1/2 to the USD! Our family is in Norway, whose currency had fallen even quicker than Mexico's, over the past six months. So, it's nice to have one's savings in USD.

By the way, that "International Man" site I recommended before: it has abandoned its forum, so isn't really worth bothering with now. Pity!
I think it really does take a village. When people are young they often bunk up together to share expenses and have companionship. We need to make it easier for seniors to do that, too. It's safer as well.
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